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  Square d electrical circuit breakers


The types of specialty breakers that we sell are designed and rated especially for renewable energy. The kind of breakers that you can get locally are not DC rated (Or legal) for use in your RE system.

Some of the Square D QO breakers are AC/DC rated but, on the DC side they are only rated to 48 volts, which means they theoretically could be used in 12 or 24 volt DC systems but, all the voltage in a 48 volt system are above 48 volts so they cannot be used. The same thing holds true for automotive and marine breakers and fuses as well.

With charge controller voltages now at 150, 250, 300 and 600 volts DC, special breakers and fuses designed for the purpose are absolutely necessary and code compliant.

Our DC Breakers are rated at 125, 150 and 300 volts DC and touch safe fuses and holders are rated for 1000 volts DC. Each rating is for a particular purpose, so, ask your sales person for the correct part for your application.

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