Kit Aims Power-Off Grid Solar Kit 3,200 Watt Solar 8,000 Watt Inverter Charger 48VDC 120/240VAC

Kit Aims Power-Off Grid Solar Kit 3,200 Watt Solar 8,000 Watt Inverter Charger 48VDC 120/240VAC

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Kit Aims Power-Off Grid Solar Kit 3,200 Watt Solar 8,000 Watt Inverter Charger 48VDC 120/240VAC

Looking for a solar kit that doesn't cost an arm and a leg just to get installed? Tired of getting outrageous quotes from large solar installation companies? Look no further. Our complete off-grid solar kit comes with all of the parts and pieces needed to get up and running with clean, quiet, off-grid solar power. Although we do recommend having a certified solar installer / master electrician install our off-grid kits, these are meant to be extremely simple to setup and we include a professional wiring diagram / schematic for you to follow - meaning there's no guessing when it comes to how this solar power system is supposed to be setup. 

You might be wondering - is this really all I need? Especially considering some of the prices we've heard our customers getting from other solar installation companies. But the answer is yes. This is a complete off-grid solar power system that includes all of the parts and pieces you'll need. 

What Can This Off Grid Solar Kit Actually Power? 

OGK-2 has 12 x 200ah AGM batteries giving you 1,200ah of useable battery capacity. This equates to rough 14.4kWh of useable battery bank on top of the 3,200 watts of solar panels that will be generating an additional 3.2kw of power per hour while the sun is shining. 

If we assume there's roughly 6 good sun hours in most states, the solar panels will produce around 19.2kw of power each day (or 576kw/month).

We really only need 15-18 hours of battery bank storage in order to get us through the night and to when the sun comes back up the next day, so anything over and above this would be considered backup for cloudy days.

OGK-2 is perfect for large off-grid cabins, home backup, or as a large size RV system / mobile business applications.

What's Included With Your Off-Grid Solar Kit [OGK-2] Order?: 

  • 1 x 8,000 watt pure sine inverter charger 120/240vac ETL and CSA certified PICOGLF80KW48V240VS
  • 16 x 200 watt solar panels monocrystalline
  • 1 x Combiner Box 6 String – Pre-wired
  • 1 x 80 amp MPPT solar charge controller SCC80AMPPT
  • 1 x Quick Disconnect Switch DC1600V32A2IO
  • 12 x 200 ah AGM deep cycle battery maintenance free sealed lead acid AGM12V200A 
  • 1 x PICOGLFBATS – battery temperature sensor
  • 1 x PICGLFBATS – Battery temperature senso
  • 2 x PVEXT100FT10AWG – PV female & male extension cables for solar array to combiner box and disconnect to solar charge controller 
  • 2 x PVEXT100FT10AWG – PV female & male extension cables for solar panel parallel connections 
  • 1 x PVM10FT8AWG – 10 foot 8 AWG PV wire red & black set
  • 1 x CBL08FT6AWGC – 8 ft set charge controller to battery cables
  • 1 x CBL08FT1/0AWG- 8 ft set of 1/0AWG cable battery bank to inverter
  • 2 x CBL02FT1/0AWG – 2 ft 1/0 AWG cable (battery cables)
  • 10 x CBL01FT1/0AWGRED – 1 ft jumper for fuse kit and battery jumpers
  • 1 x ANL500KIT – 500 amp inline fuse kit for battery to inverter
  • 1 x ANL150KIT – 150 amp inline fuse kit for charge controller to battery
  • 16 x Sets of Z-bracket mounts for mounting solar panels
  • Free Shipping
  • System Schematic / Wiring Diagram [OGK-2]
  • Lifetime Customer Support (via Phone, Live Chat, Email)
  • Financing Options Available

Kits include just about everything you need however you'll need your own installation tools and grounding rods/wire as well as optional components like current surge limiters. We also highly recommend getting professional installation by a certified solar installer and/or master electrician. 

harge the batteries and/or tie this system in with my on the grid home though?

The short answer is yes. Our off grid kits come with inverter/chargers, meaning you can suck power out of the batteries as well as throw juice back into the batteries via a generator OR any form of AC shore power (aka your grid tied home). When it comes to backing up your home or tieing it in to your existing electrical system, you'll need to work with an electrician to get some form of transfer switch that will allow you to go back and forth between your homes grid tie power and your off grid battery backup.

Is Off-Grid Better Than Grid-Tie? Or Do I NEED to be tied to the grid? 

This is a good question and it really depends on who you ask. Most of our customers are looking to gain "grid independence". They don't want to rely on the local power company to keep their lights on and food cold, especially during emergencies. When you install a grid-tied solar system, this means that if the grid goes down... Your solar power on your roof is useless. You NEED batteries on your system to be considered off-grid. 

There's a lot more involved with a grid tie system (think permitting, AC coupling, remote monitoring etc.) which typically makes these types of solar power systems much more expensive. Whereas off-grid solar systems require a lot less bells and whistles and are much easier to install. Sometimes off grid is the only option as well. If you have a remote cabin, RV, Skoolie or any other form of off grid property our complete off grid solar kits are a great power solution!

8,000 Watt Pure Sine 120/240vac Inverter/Charger Features:

  • 8000 Watt low frequency inverter 110/120/220/230/240 Vac Split Phase
  • 24000 Watt surge for 20 seconds -3x surge capability
  • ETL Listed to UL 1741 Standards
  • CSA STDC 22.2 NO.107.1
  • Battery priority selector
  • AC direct connect terminal block
  • Marine coated and protected
  • Multi stage smart charger 80 Amp charges GEL, Lead, AGM, Lithium
  • Three cooling fans - thermal and load based
  • Remote panel available
  • 60hz or 50 hz selectable dip switch
  • 10msec typical transfer time
  • Mounting plate included
  • Selectable 25W power save mode (hibernation)
  • 8 battery charger settings
  • 4 stage battery charger
  • 2 year warranty

Inverter Output Specifications:

  • Continuous Output Power: 8000 Watts
  • Surge Rating: 24000 Watts (20 Seconds)
  • Output Waveform: Pure Sine/Same as input (Bypass Mode)
  • 100-110-120Vac / 220-230-240Vac
  • Nominal Efficiency: >88% (Peak)
  • Line Mode Efficiency: >95%
  • Output Frequency: 50Hz +/- 0.3Hz / 60Hz +/- 0.3Hz
  • Typical Transfer Time: 10ms (Max)
  • THD: < 7% under full linear load
  • Ambient operating temperature: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)

Inverter/Charger Input Specifications

  • Nominal input voltage: 48.0Vdc
  • Low battery alarm: 42.0Vdc-44.0Vdc
  • Low battery trip: 40.0Vdc-42.0Vdc
  • High voltage alarm: 64.0Vdc
  • Low battery voltage restart: 62.0Vdc
  • Idle consumption: 100 Watts
  • Power saver mode idle consumption: <25 Watts
  • Automatic transfer switch - 50A @ 220/230/240V
  • Bypass - 50A @ 220/230/240V

Inverter/Charger Charger Specifications

  • Output voltage: depends on battery type
  • Charger rate: 80A
  • Four stage smart charger with current adjust dial 20-100%

Inverter/Charger Dimensions

  • Unit weight: 132 lbs.
  • Unit size L x W x H: 23.3 x 16.3 x 7.9 inches
  • Shipping weight: 176 lbs.
  • Shipping size L x W x H 30 x 21.25 x 15.25 inches


  • 5 buss bar solar cell configuration
  • Mono PERC Technology
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum frame
  • High Transmission, AR (anti-reflective) Coated Tempered Glass
  • Plug and play junction box
  • Industry standard quick connect cables work in series or in parallel
  • Certified to withstand challenging environmental conditions
  • Excellent low light performance on cloudy days, mornings and evenings


  • 25 year limited power output

Built-in Components

  • RICH SOLAR 200 watt monocrystalline solar panel
  • Panel leads (pair): 3 feet each
  • IP65 rated waterproof junction box
  • IP67 rated waterproof solar connectors
  • Bypass diodes built-in the junction box


  • Maximum Power(Pmax): 200W
  • Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp): 20.4V
  • Maximum Power Current(Imp): 9.80A
  • Open Circuit Voltage(Voc): 24.3V
  • Short Circuit Current(Isc): 10.2A
  • Maximum System Voltage(Vmax): 1000VDC
  • Temperature Range: -40°C ~ 90°C
  • Max Series Fuse Rating: 15A
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 58.7 x 26.8 x 1.4 in

80A MPPT Charge Controller Features:

  • MPPT technology: Maximum Power Point Tracking produces maximum available power from PV array to battery bank utilizing peak power of the I-V curve
  • Quality heatsink cooling – no fans needed and no thermal derating
  • Battery type selector and user defined charging voltage
  • 4 stage charging
  • PV input, battery output and load control ports
  • Stackable
  • Reliable electronics, over engineered components generating less heat
  • Very efficient up to 99%
  • Low self consumption
  • Thermal design rugged case
  • Over temp protection
  • Overload, short circuit, high and low voltage protection
  • RS485 port for computer monitoring
  • CE, ETL to UL1741 and RoHS compliant
  • Marine coated
  • Mounting holes

80A Charge Controller Specs:

PV Operating Voltage:

  • 15-150Vdc@12V
  • 34-150Vdc@24V
  • 50-150Vdc@36V
  • 60-150Vdc@48V

Rated PV input:

  • 12V – 1200 Watts
  • 24V – 2400 watts
  • 36V – 3600 watts
  • 48V – 4800 watts
  • Maximum charging current: 80 amps
  • Maximum DC load current: 60 amps
  • Max PV open circuit voltage: 150Vdc
  • Self power consumption: <4 watts
  • Efficiency: 98.5%
  • Protections: overload, short circuit, high voltage, high temperature, low voltage and auto correct
  • Monitoring: RS485 port for computer monitoring
  • Optimal cooling case design – built for extreme conditions


  • Battery types: gel, sealed, AGM, flooded, lithium, user defined (adjustable voltage)
  • 4 Stage charging: bulk, absorption, float and equalize
  • Bulk charge voltage: sealed 14.4V, AGM/gel 14.2V, flooded 14.6V, user defined 10-15V
  • Float charge voltage:  sealed/AGM/gel 13.7V, flooded 13.6V, user defined 10-15V
  • Equalize charge voltage: sealed 14.6V, AGM/gel 14.8V, flooded 14.8V, user defined 10-15V
  • Low voltage reconnection: 12.5V
  • Low voltage disconnect voltage: 10.5V (10.5-12.5V adjustable)


  • Enclosure: IP43 protection, metal
  • Cooling: heatsink
  • Humidity: 100% non-condensing
  • Temperature compensation: -5mV⁰C / 2V with BTS
  • Temperature range: -25⁰C to 60⁰C or -13⁰F to 140⁰F
  • Conformal coated for marine environments
  • Wire knockouts: 1.25”
  • Unit weight: 19 lbs
  • Boxed weight: 21 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14”L x 9”W x 4.7”H
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Certifications: ETL to UL1741, CE, RoHS, CETL

12 x 200Ah AGM Batteries Features:

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte maintenance or water adding. Not restricted for air transport complies with IATA/ICAO Special Provision A67. UL-recognized component.

  • Heavy duty compared to other AGM batteries - 20% more cycles 
  • Mount in any orientation.
  • Computer designed lead calcium tin alloy grid for high power density
  • AGM is ideal for back up and stored power applications
  • Convenient carry handles
  • Long service life float or cyclic applications
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Thick plates within the battery to limit fluid expansion during freezing
  • Low self discharge
  • Copper terminals

200Ah Battery Specs:

  • Nominal Voltage 12V
  • Number of cell 6
  • Design life 10 years with proper maintenance
  • Nominal Capacity 77F(25C)
  • 20 hour rate (10A 10.8V) 200Ah
  • 10 hour rate (18.7A 10.8V) 187Ah
  • 5 hour rate (35.8A 10.5V) 179Ah
  • 1 hour rate (126A 9.6V) 126Ah
  • Internal Resistance
  • Fully Charged battery 77F(25C) 4mOhms
  • Self-Discharge
    - 3% of capacity declined per month at 20C(average)
  • Operating Temperature Range
    - Discharge -20~60C
    - Charge -10~60C
    - Storage -20~60C
  • Max. Discharge Current 77F(25C) 1000A(5s)
  • Short Circuit Current 3300A
  • Charge Methods: Constant Voltage Charge 77F(25C)
  • Cycle use 14.4-14.7V
  • Maximum charging current 30A
  • Temperature compensation -30mV/oC
  • Standby use 13.6-13.8V
  • 20.5" L x 8.78" H x 9.37" W
  • Weight(lb) 138
  • 5 year warranty from manufacturer defects




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