SunEarth Inc. model CP-40 solar collector panel for domestic hot water. This is an Integral Collector Storage System with a 40 gallon capacity for use in non freezing applications.

SUNEARTH Inc.-CopperHart CP-40 Intergrated Storage Collector

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SunEarth CopperHeart CP-40 Integrated Storage Collector

SunEarth Inc. model CP-40 solar collector panel for domestic hot water. This is an Integral Collector Storage System with a 40 gallon capacity for use in non freezing applications. Features an all copper integral storage tank and absorber with selective paint surface. Size is 3' X 8'. Black anodized extruded aluminum frame with low iron tempered glass. 10 year warranty.

Integral Collector Storage (ICS)  

Simple, Durable, and Reliable

The CopperHeart integral collector storage system, or ICS, combines thermal collection and storage in a single unit.  The CopperHeart is engineered to meet the international demand for a simple, durable and inexpensive domestic water heating system.  The retrofit CopperHeart installation  typically serves as a solar preheater to the existing electric or gas water heater. For new construction the backup heater of choice is most often a compatible gas or electric tankless water heater. In non-freeze climates the CopperHeart may be used as the primary water heater. For durability, reliability and simplicity of installation and operation the CopperHeart ICS has no peers.

If properly installed and maintained the CopperHeart ICS can safely be deployed in areas that experience occasional mild freeze conditons.  SRCC Rated Freeze Tolerance:  20° F for 18 hours.

FSEC Certified

Solar Water Heating Benefits:

 Save up to 80% of water heating costs
 Save up to 30% of total energy costs
 Passive Systems have best price/performance ratio
 Federal tax incentives
 Hot water 365 days a year
 Investment against future energy costs
 Compact solution for hot water production

CopperHeart Collector Specifications

 Low Iron Tempered Glass
 Primary EPDM Glazing Seal
 Secondary Silicone Glazing Seal
 Moderately Selective Absorber Coating
 Stainless Steel Fasteners
 Seamless Copper Storage Cylinders
 EPDM Grommets Riveted Corners
 Extruded Anodized Aluminum Casing and Capstrip
 Rigid Foam Insulation
 15% Silver Brazed manifolds
 Integral Mounting Channel

 FSEC Certification #S9120

Model CP-40
Fluid capacity: 40 gallons
Dry weight: 281 lbs.
Wet weight: 615 lbs.
Width: 36.2 inches
Length: 98.2 inches
Depth: 6.8 inches
Gross area: 24.7 sq. ft.
Net aperture: 21.5 sq. ft.
Rated internal working pressure @ 200F in PSIG: 120
Inlet and outlet piping: 3/4 inches
Inlet to outlet center to center: 28.9 inches

CopperHeart Warranty: 10 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

CopperHeart SRCC G300 System Ratings

The Solar Rating & Certification Corporation OG-300 systems level rating is an independent assessment of both system reliability and performance. Systems that receive this rating must meet HUD minimum property standards in addition to a rigorous review performed by SRCC staff and design review team. Once the system has passed these quality assurance checks it undergoes a full performance analysis to estimate the actual solar contribution of the system towards an average hot water load. This contribution, as defined by the Solar Energy Factor is listed alongside the different variants of each system type.

CopperHeart Deluxe/2-Way Kit – Use in conjunction with a conventional water heater, or an instantaneous water heater.

Function: When hot water is required, solar heated water is drawn from the unit directly into a conventional or tankless water heater, thus eliminating or reducing electricity or gas usage required for heating water. Hot water is then distributed directly to the points-
of-use. The water heater must remain turned on to provide backup heat as required, and to maintain a ready supply of hot water.
Applications: Well suited for use in tropical, sub-tropical "SunBelt", and temperate type climates where mild-to-hot temperatures exist year round and conventional water heaters are always used - and free hot water is desired or required.
Performance: Hot water output is dependant on available solar radiation. Backup provides constant supply when solar performance is temporarily interrupted by inclement weather.
Control Valve: A manual 2-Way plumbing configuration allows for isolation of the ProgressivTube system for maintenance or winterizing, and is typically adjusted on a seasonal basis only.

Deluxe 2-way Complete System includes:
• CopperHeart Solar Collector Unit
• Mounting Hardware Kit - choose from flush, fixed, or tilt
• Roof Flashing Kit - copper fittings and flashings for pipe-through-
 roof plumbing penetrations
• TwoWayFlo Plumbing Kit - copper fittings, AquaMix anti-scald mixing
 valve, vacuum breaker valve, pressure relief valve, 2 boiler drain
• 2-Way Configuration of 2 2-way ball valves

Manufacturer: SunEarth, Inc. 

Benefits of Solar: A properly sized ICS Solar Water Heater system will raise water temperature as high as 140+ degrees.

In addition to heating the water, your hot water reserves can be increased by as much as 50 percent, if the system is combined with a conventional or instantaneous gas or electric heater serving as a backup unit. 

Other benefits include increased equity in the home, a 25% return on your investment, plus the BONUS of hot water during power outages! 

 Reduce monthly household operating expenses
 Save money without reducing comfort or convenience
 Conserve resources and reduce air pollution

As with all solar water heaters, the total amount of solar contribution to the system is dependent upon the hot water consumption pattern, daily weather conditions, and variable amounts of available sunlight throughout the year. 


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