APsystems-YC1000-3-208 Microinverter


    APsystems-YC1000-3-208 Microinverter


The world’s first true 3-phase (no phase balancing) microinverter is also available in a 208V configuration, also with 900 watts AC maximum output, ZigBee communication and an integrated ground. Up to four YC1000-3-208 units (16 modules total, 60- or 72-cell) can be installed on a single 15A circuit.

This groundbreaking technology is only available from APsystems.

  • 1130w AC output
  • 3 phase output (no phase balancing)
  • 208V
  • ZigBee
  • 4 units / string (up to 16 PV modules)
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs. (4kg)
  • 10 and 25 year warranties available
    APSystems YC1000-3 208V 900W Commercial Microinverter 

APSystems YC1000-3 208V 900W Commercial Microinverter
• Single unit connects up to four PV modules
 900W AC output
 120Y/208V or 277Y/480V
 ZigBee wireless communication and monitoring
 Up to 44 solar modules (60 or 72-cell) can be linked on a three-pole 15A breaker
 10-Year Standard Warranty (extendable to 25 years)

The YC1000 is the industry’s first true 3-phase (phase balanced & phase monitored) solar microinverter, handling commercial grid voltages of 120Y/208V or 277Y/480V with 900 watts AC maximum output, ZigBee communication and an integrated ground. Each YC1000 supports up to 4 PV modules.

  • Characteristics
  • ManufacturerAPSystems
  • ModelYC1000-3-208
  • Rated Power Output [W]900
  • Length [mm (in)]259mm (10.2 in)
  • Width [mm (in)]242mm (9.5 in)
  • Depth [mm (in)]36mm (1.4)
  • Weight [kg (lb)]4kg (8.8 lbs)
  • Warranty [Years]10
  • Inverters
  • Inverter TypeGrid-Tie Microinverter
  • Maximum/Peak Efficiency [%]95%
  • CEC weighted efficiency [%]94.5%
  • Max. Input Voltage [V]60
  • Max. Input Current [A]14.8
  • MPP voltage range [V]16-55
  • Min. DC voltage / start voltage [V]22
  • AC Power Rating [W]900
  • AC grid frequency [Hz]60
  • NEMA Enclosure RatingNEMA-6 / IP-67
  • Cooling MethodNatural Convection - No Fans
  • Ambient Temperature Range [°C(°F)]-40℃—I— +65℃
  • Operating Humidity [%]100%, condensation
  • CommunicationZigBee (wireless)
  • Basic Warranty [Years]10
  • Warranty Extension Options [Years]25
  • Safety and EMC StandardUL 1741 , CSA C22.2, No. 107.1-01, NEC2014 690.12
  • CompliancesIEEE 1547
  • AC grid range [Hz]59.3-60.5


      APS YC1000 offers unprecedented features


The challenge: How to bring the advantages of microinverters to a commercial solar environment and be cost competitive in that market.

The solution took more than three years of research and development, but now it’s here: the YC1000 microinverter from APS.

The native 3-phase, 277/480 unit brings microinverters finally into the realm of large-scale commercial installations, with a groundbreaking approach to the technical challenges of these most demanding environments.

Simplicity of design: The YC1000 requires no extra equipment like transformers or optimizers, and no extra wiring. All needs are resolved within the unit’s native design.

Unprecedented cable management: The YC1000 revolutionizes trunk cabling with a new and innovative approach. There’s no need to branch cables or deal with the “landscape vs. portrait” complexity of a standard trunk cable system. These issues are solved by shifting the solution to the trunk cable itself.

Increased flexibility to add modules: The YC100 supports 4:1 and a 3:1 module-to-inverter ratios, so modules can be easily added for customized or space-limited projects.

Optimized monitoring and control: The YC1000 allows monitoring of individual modules, reducing shading issues and allowing more precise control of the whole PV array.

 Dr. Yuhao Luo, co-founder, vice president and chief technology officer for APS, began working toward these solutions in Silicon Valley based on his experience with PV systems in one of the world’s fastest-growing solar markets.

“Four years ago, there was no residential PV market in China,” he says. “All projects were 3-phase. We used a single-phase microinverter for those projects, but clearly a 3-phase microinverter would make those projects much easier in both design and installation.”

The YC1000 spent three years in design and development before rollout, and has been successfully deployed in installations in Australia, China and Africa.

It is now shipping to distributors across the US market.

Add up the technical breakthroughs – simplicity of design, revolutionized trunk cabling, outstanding flexibility, and optimized monitoring and control – and the YC1000 microinverter from APS represents distinct advantages and cost savings over every other microinverter solution on the market.






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