ABOUT AMRtechnologies

AMRtechnologies Inc. presents the newest innovations in Solar and Electrical  fields of technologies from the American market. We have continuously strive to provide not only affordable solar systems, but also reliable and durable systems manufactured in The United States, compared to other unreliable products that flood the markets. Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of solar technology in the Americas, Latin America. Exportation of the latest electrical and solar technologies from U.S. manufacturers, to help to develop renewable energy. Since 1989, we have been dedicated to electrical engineering and alternative energy, specializing in Power Distribution systems, solar systems, their design, installation, and Project management.


Do It Your Way & AMRtechnologies

With a vision to help create a world where clean energy is powered by individuals, ingenuity and independence, AMRtechnologies mission is to provide tailored solutions and lifelong support empowering people, communities and businesses to control the way they harness clean energy.

The premise that anyone can be self-sustainable wherever they choose to live, AMRtechnologies has successfully extended its do-it-yourself (DIY), off-grid roots and is now recognized as one of the leading online solar solutions providers with a Do It Your Way.


Self-Reliance. Independence. Sustainability.

Having designed and delivered residential electrical/solar installations that produce more than 100 MegaWatts of energy, AMRtechnologies provides in-depth subject matter expertise to property owners looking for Off-Grid-Grid Tied  and Battery/Back Up solar electric solutions.


Reliable. Honest. Expert.

Whether you are a homeowner or business owners looking for the fastest return on your solar investment or an installer, contractor or home builders who wants to partner with a reliable, honest solar solutions expert, we pair you with an experienced design technician who collaborates with you on a  solution tailored to fit your needs.   

And, with access to equipment from 50+ reputable manufacturers, you can get the best solution that meets your needs without all the compromises you need to make working with other companies.


Large Equipment Selection

Most other providers have relationships with a small number of manufacturers; so, you don’t have the ability to choose specific equipment that meets your needs. With AMRtechnologies, you can choose equipment from over 50 manufacturers.

More Choice. Total Control. Lifelong Service.

In business for nearly 40 years, you can count on AMRtechnologies to be your solar/electrical solutions partner every step of the way – from the time of our first conversation through design and installation. And Lifetime Support means that we will be there for you, even after your system is installed. Guaranteed.

Customized Electrical Diagram Support

An electrical diagram is an invaluable resource during the permitting process and system installation and will be required for the permitting and inspection processes. For our packaged systems, a standard electrical diagram is included, but if you need this diagram customized to your unique needs, we offer that service as an additional option to your overall solar solution. 


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