On/Off-Grid CIM-1200A/H

  • On-Grid or Off-Grid Mode
  • Specially Designed for Powering Electric Water Heaters in Off-Grid Mode
  • Heat Water or Send Power to the Grid Based on Demand
  • MPPT for Each Solar Panel
  • Outdoor or Indoor Mounting
  • High Efficiency and Long Life
  • Much Easier to Install than Thermal Solar Water Heaters
  • Made in U.S.A

Each CyboInverter (CIM-1200A/H) can connect to four solar panels and produce 1250W, 240V, 60Hz AC to the grid in on-grid mode, or power an electric water heater through its H Output Port in off-grid mode.




When the grid is on, the inverter works like a regular on-grid inverter that meets UL1741 and IEEE1547 standards including: over and under voltage shutdown; over and under frequency shutdown; and anti-islanding.

When the grid is down, the inverter will shutdown immediately and then send a test signal from its off-grid output port to check the status of the connected off-grid AC circuit. If there is no AC present and an AC load is detected, it will generate AC to power the load.

In the off-grid mode, when the inverter detects the grid is back on, it will stop powering the load. After a 5-minute UL mandatory wait, the inverter will send AC power to the grid again.

The drawing shows 2 on-grid and 1 on/off-grid CyboInverters daisy-chained as a group.

4 Channel 1.2KW On/Off-Grid CyboInverter for Grid or PV Heating
Part No: CIM-1200A/H   H-Port runs electric water heater/heating elements only.







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