GROUND-BASED SYSTEM

Mount on all terrains, in no time....

The IronRidge Ground Mount System combines our XR1000 rails with locally-sourced steel pipes or mechanical tubing, to create a cost-effective structure capable of handling any site or terrain challenge. 

Installation is simple with only a few structural components and no drilling, welding, or heavy machinery required. In addition, the system works with a variety of foundation options, including concrete piers and driven piles. Compatible with soil classes 2-4.



Rugged Construction
Engineered steel and aluminum components ensure durability

UL 2703 Listed System
System and components meet newest effective UL 2703 standard.

PE Certified
Pre-stamped engineering letters available in most states.

Flexible Architecture
Multiple foundation and array configuration options.

25-Year Warranty
Products guaranteed to be free of impairing defects.

Design Assistant
Online software makes it simple to create, share, and price projects.

XR Rail Family

Strength runs in the family

XR Rails are the structural backbone of IronRidge pitched, flat and ground-based arrays. Their signature curve helps them to resist uplift, protect against buckling and safely and efficiently transfer loads into the building structure.

Their superior spanning capability requires fewer roof attachments, reducing the number of roof penetrations and the amount of installation time. Each size supports specific design loads, while minimizing material costs. Depending on your location, there is an XR Rail to match.



                           RX RAIL FAMILY


                           FORCE-STABILIZING CURVE



The curved shape of XR Rails is specially designed to increase strength in both directions while resisting the twisting. This unique feature ensures greater security during extreme weather and a longer system lifetime


                                   ANODIZED MATERIAL


All XR Rails are made of 6000-series aluminum alloy, then protected with an anodized finish. This prevents surface and structural corrosion, and provides a more attractive appearance. Available in clear and black finish.



Multiple lengths of rail can be spliced and bonded. The internal splice bars do not interfere with clamping or mounting locations, and offer a seamless appearance. Made with extruded 6000 series aluminum. 12-14 x 5/8” self-drilling screws are included.


                                        XR10 RAIL

XR10 is a sleek, low-profile mounting rail, designed for regions with light or no snow. It achieves 6 foot spans, while remaining light and economical.

  • 6’ spanning capability
  • Moderate load capability
  • Clear & black anodized finish
  • Internal splices available

                                            XR100 RAIL


XR100 is the ultimate residential mounting rail. It supports a range of wind and snow conditions, while also maximizing spans up to 8 feet.

  • 8’ spanning capability
  • Heavy load capability
  • Clear & black anodized finish
  • Internal splices available

                                              XR1000 RAIL

XR1000 is a heavyweight among solar mounting rails. It’s built to handle extreme climates and spans up to 12 feet for commercial applications.

  • 12’ spanning capability
  • Extreme load capability
  • Clear anodized finish
  • Internal splices available

                                   RAIL SELECTION

The adjacent table provides a quick guide on how each rail supports regional circumstances.

Values are based on the following criteria: ASCE 7-16, Gable Roof Flush Mount, Roof Zones 1 & 2e, Exposure B, Roof Slope of 8 to 20 degrees and Mean Building Height of 30 ft.







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