LORENTZ-Submersible Solar Pump 100m Head

Lorentz PS1800C - Submersible Solar Pump - 100m Head

 LORENTZ- PS1800C-Submersible Solar Pump 100m Head



The PS1800-C series is a maintenance-free solar bore pump with a flow rate of up to 53,000 litres per hour. The pump system is typically powered by six solar panels (e.g. Trina Honey Module). Most of these pumps require a 100mm (4 inch) bore hole, the larger ones require 150mm (6 inch).
    • The centrifugal rotor pump (with brushless DC motor) comes with a UL approved, programmable controller (IP68), housing all electronics and a data module with Bluetooth connection.
    • A PS1800 centrifugal pump delivers about 53,000 litres per hour @ 2 metres head (or 2,200L @ 100m). 
    • PS2-1800 HR-07 Helical Rotor pump unit
    • Maximum head pressure 120 metres
    • Maximum flow rate of 1.3m3/hr  ( 285 gph )
      Suitable for installation in 4″ and larger water bores
    • Suitable for installation in 4″ and larger water bores
    • Includes helical rotor pump , EC Drive motor and PS2-1800 controller





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