SunEarth Solar Water Heater - Complete System

SunEarth Solar Water Heater - Complete System
                Active - Closed Loop

 Indirect (closed loop) solar glycol systems use propylene glycol as the heat transfer fluid in the solar array to overcome issues of freezing (glycol can tolerate – 60F in high concentrations) and eliminate scaling. The glycol is separated from the potable water by means of a heat exchanger that transfers the energy from the array into the storage tank.

Indirect solar water drainback systems are also a indirect design that use a heat exchanger to separate the collector loop from the potable water. Instead of relying on glycol for freeze protection, this system allows all the water in the array to drain back from the array and into a storage vessel in the solar loop when the pump is turned off. Because the array completely drains, water can be used in the solar loop, which avoids the need for double-wall heat exchangers demanded in some localities.

With nearly 1/3 of the average electric bill devoted to heating water, a solar hot water system is the smart choice and best investment you can make for your house and for the environment. Solar hot water systems supply an average 70-100% of a household annual water heating needs! 

SunEarth Complete Solar System is our most popular solar water heating system for tropical or southern climates where freeze seldom occurs. The System Kit includes all of the parts and components to properly install a complete solar water heating system: The primary components are the collectors, heat storage, and controls.

SunEarth Solar Water Heater Base System Includes:
• Solar Panel(s) 
• Lochinvar Solar Storage Tank with T&P Valve
• Tank Kit (Use with Mpt Tank Outlets)
• Panel Plumbing Kit
• Differential Control Kit with Spring Check Valve

Function: Supplies 70-100% water heating needs

• Saves you money - Reduces your monthly utility costs
• Saves the environment - Reduces fossil fuel consumption
• Adds value to your home - Recapture the initial cost of the system 
• by creating equity in your home

Product Applications:
• Suitable for single application domestic hot water systems
• Designed for tropical or southern climates where freeze seldom occurs 
• Project feasible for handy-person using basic hand tools
• System collectors designed to mount on roof
• Installs on all roof types: shingle, wood shake, metal and title

Product Features:
• Integrated pre-assembled system for easy installation
• Installation instructions and diagram
• Includes all necessary components needed for project
• Works on sunny or cloudy days with electrical backup [included]
• Attractive collector design
• Conforms to national plumbing, electrical and solar standards 
• Automatic controller alerts the pump when to run
• Highly efficient nonpolluting alternative energy source
• Exceeds Energy Star criteria, delivers maximum credit toward 
• Energy Efficiency Compliance
• Tanks are available in 80 and 120 gallon sizes
• Integrates easily with existing systems
• The only household appliance that will pay for itself 4 times during 
• its useful life

• Proper kit selection supported by customer service agent
• Installation supported by solar engineer tech assistant
• Toll-Free help line and/or online e-mail tech support

• Manufacturer warranty for individual components apply. See product 
• warranty card for details or request warranty information from sales
• representative.

SunEarth Empire Solar Collector

The SunEarth Empire collectors are flat plate type. They are designed to maximize the capture of solar energy in the temperature ranges required for domestic hot water.

SunEarth Empire Series Collectors Feature:

  • Glazed flat plate type
  • Certified by the Solar Rating & Certification Corp.
  • Tested in conformance with ASHRAE 93-86 SRCC 100-81
  • Extruded anonized aluminum casing
  • Dark bronze finish
  • Notched framewalls for ease of plate removal
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • 1" vent plugs on each corner to minimize condensation

Product Warranty - 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Flat plate collectors employ the green house effect. The glass covering permits up to 90% of the visible sunlight to enter the collector. When the light passes through the glass its frequency is changed slightly to a lower energy level. When the light strikes the absorbing surface of the flat plate inside, the light is absorbed as heat. The combination of the glass frequency change and the solar absorbing surface of the plate capture the maximum amount of energy. As the absorber plate heats up it begins to radiate energy as infrared (IR) or heat radiation. Glass is essentially opaque to IR wavelengths so the heat is trapped increasing the temperature.


                     Glazed Flat Plate Solar Collector


  • Riveted Corners
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Low Iron Tempered Glass
  • Low-Binder Fiberglass Insulation
  • Rigid Foam Insulation
  • Secondary Silicone Glazing Seal
  • Integral Mounting Channel
  • Extruded Anodized Aluminum Casing and Capstrip
  • Primary EPDM Glazing Seal
  • Aluminum Backsheet
  • Vent Plugs
  • 15% Silver Brazed Joints
  • EPDM Grommets
  • Type M Copper Riser Tubes and Manifolds
  • Copper Absorber Plate
  • Black Chrome or Moderately Selective Black Paint Absorber Coating


    Lochinvar Solar Water Heater Tank






  • Brass Drain Valve
  • Pre-Wired Tank Sensor Lead
  • Exceeds ASHRAE Energy Standards
  • Certified at 300 psi test pressure for 150 psi working pressure
  • Magnesium Tank Saver – Large diameter anode rod provides lasting protection from the effects of electrolytic corrosion.
  • Dielectric Nipples protect the tank from corrosive action between dissimilar metal.
  • Thermal Isolation – Unique design prevents heat loss through the bottom of the tank.
  • Side Relief Valve Tapping – This provides quicker, labor-saving installation.
  • Heating Element – 4500 watt immersion type heating element for heating system back-up.
  • Glass-Lined Tank – Fused to the tank at
  • 1600ºF, the durable glass lining is triple-tested, assuring lasting protection against rust and corrosion while providing clean, clear hot water.
  • Foam Insulation – Improved formulation provides uniform tank coverage with a thick blanket of insulating foam. This non-CFC polyurethane closed cell foam provides an R-Value of 16 to minimize standby heat loss and maximize heat retention.
  • Warranty - Six Year limited tank warran

Solar Water Storage Tank Features:

Tank System Assembly:

When tank is purchased with a solar water heater kit, the system comes pre plumbed and wired as a complete assembly. This is called the Tank System Assembly or TSA. The TSA contains the water heater tank, pump controller, tank sensor, drain valve, system drain valve and the wiring and piping to make all connections. The TSA, the collectors and the interconnect piping make up the complete system.

• Pump: The system comes standard with a single TACO 006BC4 circulator pump. It uses 115V regular AC power which is supplied from the controller. When heat is available in the collector the pump is energized to circulate the water through the interconnect piping to the collectors where it gains heat. For additional options, click here

• Controller: The controller is powered by 115V house current and is the device that determines if solar energy is available. The controller, through the sensors, constantly measures the temperature of the water heater tank and the collector, comparing them to see if the collector is hotter then the tank.

• Sensors: The system contains 2 sensors, one at the outlet of the collector and one on the bottom of the water heater tank. The controller uses these 2 sensors to measure tank and collector temperatures. They are simple thermistor (thermal resistors) type sensors that have an inverse reaction to temperature. As the temperature goes, up the resistance goes down. The controller is calibrated to read this as temperature changes. As the collector heats up the resistance goes down and at the right point the controller turns on the pump. The reverse happens when the collector cools off.

• Water Heater Tank: This is a highly insulated glass lined steel tank that is constructed much like any other water heater, except that it also has additional inlet and outlet for the solar connections.

• Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve: This device is inserted into the water heater tank for safety. It is located on top of the tank. The T&P relief valve is preset to open and discharge if either a high pressure or high temperature situation occurs in the water heater. All water heaters regardless of whether they are solar power or not, must have this safety device which is required by national building codes.

• Isolation Valve: Also called "Shut Off Valve", this valve is installed in the cold water service line to the water heater. It is used to isolate the system for maintenance, repairs and service.



               lochinvar specifications


Model Gal Cap. A B D E F Weight
FTA066 65 59� 22� 52-1/2� � � 165
FTA082 80 59� 24� 52-1/2� 38� 8" 210
FTA120 119 62-3/4� 28� 56� 38-1/4� 8" 310


Solar Water Heater System Sizing & Performance

Performance varies depending on the type and size of the system, the amount of sun available at the site, proper installation, and the tilt angle and orientation of the collectors. We can perform a solar site analysis for you or show you how to do your own to ensure you select the best system to meet your needs.

Sizing Your Solar Water Heater System
Proper sizing and selection of your system will insure years of trouble-free hot water service to your home. A good rule of thumb for sizing your system consists of two parts; Collector size and Solar storage.

Collector size:
Collector size is calculated at about 20 ft² of collector area for each of the first two family members and 8 ft² for each additional family member.

Solar Storage:
Solar Storage, or tank size, is calculated at a ratio of at least 2 gallons of storage capacity to 1 ft² of collector area.

The models below are designed for tropical or southern climates where freeze seldom occurs. Recommended for region A on map.

Persons per
Sq. Ft.
1- 4 X 8
66 gal
1 - 4 X 10
80 gal
2 - 4 X 8
120 gal
6 or more
2 - 4 X 10
120 gal





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