This TDR is from the same family of the other Acclima True TDRs, however its rounded form factor allows it to easily attached to a (sched. 40) 1″ PCV pipe and/or be inserted into an access tube as small as 1.25″ (sched. 40 PVC) to be inserted into the soil at a specified depth.

Acclima-True TDR-310S Soil Moisture Sensor

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Acclima-True TDR-310S Soil Moisture Sensor

The Acclima TDR-310 series sensors are genuine Time Domain Reflectometers complete with an integrated 350ps rise-time step function generator, a 10 cm waveguide, a 5ps resolution waveform digitiser and a precision time base that measures waveform temporal features as short as 5ps and as long as 20ns.
The TDR-310S has built-in algorithms in its floating point microprocessor search the digitised waveform and capture the incident and reflected wave time ordinates and from these the permittivity of the medium surrounding the waveguide is calculated using the first-principals-based EM propagation equation.
From that a proprietary dielectric mixing model calculates the water content of the medium. The mixing model matches the Topp Equation very closely up to around 46% water content but behaves in a more representative fashion up to 100% water content providing the assurance that these TDR sensors can be used in all applications including slurries where water content may reach 100%.
A precision thermistor is thermally coupled to the waveguide and reports medium temperature with +/- 0.2 C accuracy. The waveguide electrodes are also used to measure the Electrical Conductivity of the medium. This property is also reported along with water content, permittivity and temperature.
- Dimensions: 15 cm x 3.5cm x 3.5cm (round)
- Weight: 460g
- Construction Type: 304 stainless steel, epoxy, ABS sensor head box
- Cable: 3 conductor, 22 Ga., Water proof and UV resistant PVC jacket, 10 meter
- Operating Temp.: -20 to 50 C
- Storage Temp.: -20 to 75 C
- Volumetric Water Content: 0 to 100%
- Resolution: 0.1% VWC
- Absolute VWC Accuracy: +/- 2% typical
- VWC Temp Stability: +/- 1% of full scale 1 to 50 C
- VWC Soil EC Stability: +/- 2% of full scale 0 to 5 dS/m BEC
- Temp Reporting Accuracy: +/- 0.2 C, 0 to 50 C
- EC Reporting Accuracy: +/- 2.5% 100uS/cm 0 to 10,000 uS/cm BEC
- Technology: Waveform Digitising Time Domain Reflectometer
- Effective Acquisition: Bandwidth 200 Giga-sample/sec.
- Propagation Time Resolution: 5 ps
- Waveform Propagation Resolution: 1.5 mm in air, 0.16 mm in water
- Waveguide Length: 10 cm
- Permittivity to VWC Calculation: Modified Dielectric Mixing Model
- Propagation Waveform Bandwidth: 3.5 GHz
- Communication Protocol: SDI-12 Revision 1.3
- Maximum Cable Length: 60 meters
- Maximum Devices per Cable: 50
- Operating Voltage Range: 6 to 15 VDC
- Listening/Sleep Mode: Current 31 uA typical, 35 uA max
- Communications Current: 6mA at 6v, 3.5mA at 12v
- Read Moisture Comm Time: 425 ms total for each read cycle
- Moisture Sense Current: 170mA
- Soil Moisture Sense Time: 2.0 seconds





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