APSystems-DS3-S, Dual Microinverter
APSystems-DS3-S, Dual Microinverter
APSystems-DS3-S, Dual Microinverter
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APSystems-DS3-S, Dual Microinverter

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APSystems-DS3-S, Dual Microinverter

Dual-module // Single phase // 3rd generation

APsystems' 3rd generation of dual-module, single-phase microinverters, the DS3 product family represents the culmination of years of power conversion expertise and innovation in high-efficiency, high-density power conversion to maximize the peak performance of today's high-capacity PV modules.

The DS3 series reaches unprecedented levels of power output and is fully backwards compatible with QS1 and YC600 microinverters and accessories. It features 2 input channels, each with independent MPPT, and encrypted wireless Zigbee communication. An innovative and compact design makes the product lighter while maximizing power production, and silicone-encapsulated components reduce stress on electronics, facilitate thermal dissipation, and enhance weatherproofing. Reliability is significantly increased thanks to 20% fewer components than previous generations.

The DS3 series is grid-interactive and fully compliant with CA Rule 21 requirements. With its unparalleled performance, efficiency of 97%, and increased reliability, the APsystems DS3 series is a gamechanger for residential and commercial solar.

Product Models

  • DS3-S - 640VA output, ideal for PV modules up to 400W+
  • DS3-L - 748VA output, ideal for PV modules up to 480W+
  • DS3 - 880VA output, ideal for PV modules up to 550W+
  • (+ means higher wattage PV modules will not negatively impact the inverter)

A Class Apart
What is so unique about these new microinverters? The DS3 series utilizes a new architecture that can manage far higher capacities of PV modules than conventional 1:1 microinverters.

The DS3-S and DS3-L have also been specifically designed to maximize the output on each residential circuit. Compared with competing devices, the DS3-S has up to 37% more AC output and the DS3-L up to 60% more output power per channel than conventional microinverters. For many installers around the world, the new DS3 series has become a strong competitive advantage helping them save money while winning more business.

Key Features

  • Single-Phase, Dual-Module Microinverter
  • 640W, 768W, And 880W Models
  • Dual, Independent Mppt
  • Encrypted Zigbee Wireless
  • Accommodates 2 Pv Modules Up To 550Wp (Ds3 Model)
  • Certified To Ul1741 Sa (Ca Rule 21) Standard
  • Compatible With Qs1 &Amp; Yc600 Products &Amp; Accessories


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