Crown Batteries-Crown Solar Batteries – Renewable Energy and Industrial

Crown Batteries-Crown Solar Batteries – Renewable Energy and Industrial

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Crown Solar Batteries –260 CR 260 6 volt 260 ah GC2H Deep Cycle Wet Solar Battery

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6 volt 260 ah GC2H Crown CR-260 CR 260 CR260 Deep Cycle Wet Solar Renewable Energy Battery long cycle life replaces 245ah, 250ah, 251ah, 255ah, 258ah, 260ah, 262ah CR-245 CR245 CR 245 T-145 T145 GC-145 GC2-H GC45 US 145 XC XC2. Made in USA. Item CR-260

Volts 6
Chemistry Conventional Lead Acid
Warranty 1 year
Product Width 7.06
Product Height 11.63
Product Length 10.25
Net Weight 75
Amp-Hour 260
Model Crown CR-260
Compatibility Geniune Crown USA made oem Wet Flooded Battery is also a compatible replacement for various brands.
Terminal SAE Auto and Threaded Stud

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