CROWN BATTERIES-2CRP2500, 1700Ah 2V Battery

CROWN BATTERIES-2CRP2500, 1700Ah 2V Battery

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CROWN BATTERIES-2CRP2500, 1700Ah 2V Battery


Crown Battery specializes in deep cycle flooded batteries and their CRP Power Module Series is the culmination of years of experience and investment in advanced battery manufacturing processes. Crown CRP Power Modules are high capacity 2-volt cells encased in individual steel trays. CRP Power Modules are built at Crowns highly automated manufacturing facility and feature heavy-duty cast-on strap and terminal post structures, thick lead plate with properietary plate design, and Crowns own active material manfactured on-site at Crowns manufacturing facility.

The Crown CRP Power Module series of 2 volt high capacity batteries offers an impressive combination of features. CRP Power Modules utilize some of the industrys heaviest lead plates and are designed for superior cycling performance and longevity in deep cycle applications. We recommend the CRP Power Modules for large off-grid home battery banks, commercial off-grid systems and larger battery backup applications.

Additional Features

  • Made in USA
  • Rugged construction, built on highly automated assembly line
  • Individual 2-volt steel tray eliminates the need for a battery rack
  • Water-Saver battery cover captures gas emmited during the charge cycle and returns restored fluid to the battery, reducing maintenance intervals
  • PROeye indicator signals when water servicing is required
  • Fixed handles included for lifting

Features & Attributes

Weight 233.0 lbs
Dimensions 12.81 × 6.56 × 25.75 in
Battery Amp Hours (Ah)


Battery Voltage (DC)


Battery Warranty

5 Years

Battery Type

Flooded Lead Acid




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