Crown Batteries-Crown 2CRP1200 Flooded Battery

Crown Batteries-Crown 2CRP1200 Flooded Battery

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CROWN BATTERIES- 2CRP1200 Flooded Battery

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Crowns 2CRP1200 deep cycle battery features industry-leading value and renowned durability. Measuring 2Vdc 1,200 amp hours the 2CRP1200 is an affordable option for high capacity off-grid battery banks.

Crowns proprietary Snap Caps are included which will significantly extend maintenance intervals between adding distilled water. Snap Caps also limit the amount of evaporated electrolyte which means your terminals wont need to be cleaned as frequently. The CR430 offers excellent performance and quality at a competitive price.

Additional Features

    • Deep Cycle
    • Flooded lead-acid
    • Snap Caps included
    • 2Vdc
    • 1200ah @ 20 Hr. rate
    • Pre-attached handles for ease of installation

        Features & Attributes

        Weight 125.0 lbs
        Dimensions 12.38 × 7.19 × 16.13 in


        Battery Amp Hours (Ah)


        Battery Type

        Flooded Lead Acid

        Battery Voltage (DC)


        Battery Warranty

        3 Years



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