Cyboenergy Inc-AC Assisted Off-Grid CIM 1200NA
Cyboenergy Inc-AC Assisted Off-Grid CIM 1200NA
Cyboenergy Inc-AC Assisted Off-Grid CIM 1200NA

Cyboenergy Inc-AC Assisted Off-Grid CIM 1200NA

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Take matters into your own hands and avoid power outages by creating your own energy!

  CyboEnergy AC Assisted Off-Grid CyboInverter

Enjoy the 24/7 Security of Having Your Own Solar System that can produce clean energy by day and automatically switch to grid use at night and battery backup during grid outages.

  • Can run AC loads with solar power only, grid power only, or combined power
  • Can start heavy loads with assisted AC power and run the loads with only solar power
  • Pure Sinewave AC Output
  • Requires no batteries
  • MPPT for Each Solar Panel
  • Avoids all the headaches of an on-grid solar system
  • Made in U.S.A

Each CyboInverter (CIM-1200Na) can connect to four solar panels and produce up to 1250W, 120V, 60Hz AC. With assisted AC power from the grid, it can run AC loads including air-conditioners, refrigerators, chillers, heaters, EV chargers, pumps, motors, appliances, lights, fans, TV, computers, etc.

4 Channel 1.2KW AC Assisted Off-Grid Solar Inverter
Part No: CIM-1200Na   Standalone Off-Grid Model for 110V-120V, 60Hz AC Loads.

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