Discover Batteries-260AH 48VDC w/ Xanbus 14,800 Wh (2) Lithium Battery Bank

Discover Batteries-260AH 48VDC w/ Xanbus 14,800 Wh (2) Lithium Battery Bank

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Discover Batteries-Discover Battery 260AH 48VDC w/ Xanbus 14,800 Wh (2) Lithium Battery Bank


Discover AES Li-Ion Battery Bank

Unbound Solars Discover AES Lithium battery banks include advanced LFP batteries from Discover Battery. Discover’s Advanced Energy System (AES) is a sophisticated renewable energy storage battery with an integrated battery management system (BMS) to control and protect the batteries. Discover AES batteries are designed for an extremely long life span, rapid fast recharge, and higher charge/discharge rates. When compared to lead acid batteries, LFP technology is capable of lasting longer with higher efficiencies, shorter recharge times, and higher charge and discharge current. They are also safe and completey maintenance-free. Discover backs their batteries with a 10-year warranty, with unlimited cycle life (see warranty document for details.) These batteries are ideal for off-grid homes and have an expected useful life of well over 10 years.

Additional Features

  • Includes (2) Discover 7.4kWh batteries and #4/0 parallel interconnect cables
  • 260 amp hours at 48Vdc

Features & Attributes

Weight 392.0 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Battery Amp Hours (Ah)


Battery Type

Lithium Ferro Phosphate

Battery Voltage (DC)


Battery Warranty

10 Years

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