Kit SMA SOLAR-SMA 2.22 kW Grid Tied Solar System w/ SMA & 6x Astronergy Solar 370 Panels

Kit SMA SOLAR-SMA 2.22 kW Grid Tied Solar System w/ SMA & 6x Astronergy Solar 370 Panels

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  SMA Gridtie System for 6 Astronergy (optional) 72 Cell Modules


This Solar Sky Grid-tie System is designed around the SMA Sunny Boy inverter and 6 Astronergy Solar CHSM6612M-370 Silver Mono Panels. Complete with MC4 extension cables, SMA inverter system, TS4-R-F module add-ons, durable IronRidge racking, AC disconnect/shutoff switch and an Electrical Design Drawing, you’ll be ready to use the power from the sun in no time.

At the heart of every PV system is the inverter and we have included SMA’s new ultra-high efficiency transformerless inverters packed with features allowing you to convert the greatest amount of sunlight into usable energy.

  • Wide Voltage Range – Allows power generation in a variety of conditions
  • Multiple Maximum Power Point Trackers – Increases design options and panel configurations
  • Transformerless Design – Reduces weight while increasing efficiency
  • Sunny Portal Monitoring – Provides real time data to any home or mobile device
  • Rapid System Shutdown provided with included TS4-R-F add-ons for each panel

When buying from AMRtechnologies, a lot of the hard work has already been done. Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the renewable energy field, Unbound Solar chooses only high quality solar panels and UL-listed components. The Electrical Design Drawing that comes with the system will save you time and money at installation time. The end result is a virtually maintenance-free, NEC-compliant system with an expected life of several decades.

Features & Attributes

Weight 639.0 lbs
Kit Storage Capable


Kit Panel Cells

72 / 144

Kit Inverter Type


Kit Inverter Brand


Kit Panel American Made


Kit Panel Brand

Astronergy Solar

Kit Panel Type

Monocrystaline PERC

Kit Panel Color


Kit Cost Per Watt


Kit Total Panel Watts (kW)


Kit Monthly Summer Output (kW h)


Kit Daily Summer Output (kW h)


Kit Daily Winter Output (kW h)



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