Kit AC Coupled Backup Power System w/ 8kW Outback Inverter

Kit AC Coupled Backup Power System w/ 8kW Outback Inverter

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     AC Coupled Battery Backup System with 8kW Outback Inverter


This AC-Coupled backup power kit is designed to add battery backup to an existing grid-tied system, providing clean and reliable power during an outage. The Outback Radian inverter can couple to most grid-tied inverters rated up to 6kW in size (5kW for Fronius inverters.)

In the event of a power outage, the inverter will automatically turn on to power your essential appliances, and the batteries can be recharged by an existing grid-tied PV system. The batteries can also charge from the power grid when available or a gas generator with the addition of the Generator Protection Kit

Features & Attributes

Weight 1000 lbs



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