Kit Magnum-4.88 kW 15-Panel Mission Solar Off-Grid Solar System

Kit Magnum-4.88 kW 15-Panel Mission Solar Off-Grid Solar System

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Off-Grid Magnum System for 15 Mission Solar 60 Cell Modules


Featuring 15 Mission Solar 325 Black Mono PERC Panels and a Magnum Energy power center, this expandable system includes the essential components to get started living off the grid, allowing you to enjoy all the comforts of home with normal AC appliances no matter where your property is located.

This system is typically used to power common household appliances such as:

  • Efficient refrigerator
  • Cell phone, tablets and laptop
  • Lights
  • Television
  • Fans
  • Washing Machine
  • Well pump
  • And More!

True Sinewave Protects Your Electronics
Clean sinewave power from the Magnum Energy inverter is the heart of this off-grid system. This inverter converts the DC, or Direct Current, electricity produced by your solar panels into a clean form of AC, or Alternating Current, electricity that is compatible with sensitive electronics like TVs and computers. You won’t get background fuzz on your stereo or weird lines on the TV screen that you would with modified sinewave inverters.

An easy-to-install Unbound Solar Power Center will get your off grid system up and running lickity split! The power center includes a Magnum Energy MS4448PAE inverter and all of the necessary safety components. Because it is pre-assembled, wired and tested you save time and money and eliminate the risk of smoking your inverter by installing it wrong.

120/240 Volt AC Power
This off-grid solar system will deliver full power to a 120/240 volt load panel and includes a battery charger for use with a backup generator.

Note that this system doesnt include rapid system shutdown (RSD) which may be required under NEC 690.12 depending on your project and local requirements. Please check your local requirements and feel free to contact us for help adding RSD.

Features & Attributes

Weight 1067.0 lbs
Kit Daily Winter Output (kW h)


Kit Panel Type

Monocrystaline PERC

Kit Panel Brand

Mission Solar

Kit Panel American Made


Kit Cost Per Watt


Kit Total Panel Watts (kW)


Kit Monthly Summer Output (kW h)


Kit Daily Summer Output (kW h)


Kit Panel Cells

60 / 120

Kit Power Center Brand

Magnum Energy

Kit Voltage


Kit Panel Color


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