MIDNITE Solar-MNPV6 Solar Array Combiner
MIDNITE Solar-MNPV6 Solar Array Combiner
MIDNITE Solar-MNPV6 Solar Array Combiner
MIDNITE Solar-MNPV6 Solar Array Combiner

MIDNITE Solar-MNPV6 Solar Array Combiner

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  MIDNITE SOLAR-MNPV6 Solar Array Combiner

Midnite Solar 4 String Disconnecting Combiner DELUXE

80 amp busbars, 100 amp switch and a third pole which is the feedback micro switch.

Series PV Disconnecting Combiners - Birdhouse Compatible
Manufacturer Midnite Solar
Dimensions 13.7" x 10.4" x 4.4"
Weight 10 lbs
Enclosure NEMA 3R

Detailed Description

  • Nema 3R aluminum enclosure (no rust, won’t turn to dust)
  • 90° C terminals
  • See thru deadfront and color coded busbar guards included
  • Meets 2011 NEC
  • Model number MNPV4HV Disco 3R Deluxe
  • Four fuse holders included
  • Four 15 amp fuses included
  • Works with the Birdhouse
  • Four strain reliefs included
  • One MNSPD600 included

Midnite Solar's new line of disconnecting combiners, the DISCOS, are now shipping! Built to meet new code requirememnts, these combiners feature superior safety, compact size, easy installation, and an affordable price point.

Safety first! Midnite's red, die-cast aluminum provides the immediate visual recognition needed in an emergency to quickly disable an array.

Eight and sixteen string combiners are field configured for isolated or non-isolated inverters and can even be configured for use with two separate inverters. Most models are available in NEMA 3R or 4X versions as well.

Each disconnecting combiner is capable of interfacing with up to two of Midnite's Emergency Disconnect Switches (the Birdhouse) located at ground level. Communications between the combiner and the Birdhouse is via 600 Volt CAT5 cable. The disconnect assures verified visual and audible indication of PV voltage status.

Disconnecting combiners are available in 4, 6, 8, and 15 string versions.

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