Kit Morningstar/Midnite-180 W Remote Power/Telecom DC 12V

Kit Morningstar/Midnite-180 W Remote Power/Telecom DC 12V

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 MORNINGSTAR-MIDNITE-180 W Remote Power/Telecom DC 12V

  • Drastically reduce or eliminate your monthly electricity bills
  • No need to apply for a grid-tie permit from the energy provider
  • No need to pay for changing to a two-way meter
  • Enjoy a blackout back-up of 8 or more hours
  • Use clean uninterrupted pure sine wave energy
  • Avoid more power surge damage to your appliances 


 Solar 180 W Remote Power System

Remote Power Systems are pre-designed packages ideal for remote DC power applications such as telecommunications, oil & gas, wildlife monitoring, weather stations/environmental monitoring, transportation O&M, security systems and more any application that requires reliable remote power. Our remote power packages include the essential components including high quality solar panels, a charge controller, pole mount, PV wire, circuit breakers and a wiring diagram. See related items for recommended enclosures and wind turbines. Note that enclosures are not included in these packages and are sold separately or supplied by the installer.

Additional Features

  • 12 volt DC output

Features & Attributes

Weight 65.0 lbs


Kit Panel American Made


Kit Panel Color


Kit Panel Type

Monocrystaline PERC

Kit Panel Brand


Kit Panel Cells


Kit Voltage


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