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Schneider Conext CL36 String Inverter IEC

Schneider Electric Conext™ XW 4500 Watt, 48V 60Hz Single-, Split-, or Three-Phase Grid-Tie/Off Grid Solar Inverter

CL36 String Inverter IEC

CL-60E String Inverter

The ideal solution for decentralized power plants and large commercial buildings

Turn a rooftop or unused land into a profitable source of green, renewable energy, with CL-60 String Inverter.

Along with Schneider Electric’s rigorous reliability procedures, CL-60 is durable and designed for long-term reliability. With an industry-leading maximum efficiency of 98.9%, it reduces your operating costs and your Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). For commercial properties or decentralized utilities seeking a solar solution that generates the maximum power, easy and quick services, while promoting grid stability— CL-60 is the smart business choice. CL-60 is also compatible with Insight Energy Management for easier remote asset management and troubleshooting.

We’re honored to announce that Schneider Electric’s CL-60 is named as a Top Performer in PV Evolution Labs’ (PVEL) PV Inverter Reliability Scorecard. The PVEL PV Inverter Reliability Scorecard is designed to provide with insight into long-term reliability of inverters.  CL-60 has been identified as a top performer in multiple tests including MPPT efficiency, conversion efficiency, energy harvest, and power thermal cycling.

Insight – One Platform You Need for  Energy Management

Insight is a powerful yet simple energy management platform and is a part of Schneider Electric’s residential and commercial solar & storage ecosystem. It provides intuitive mobile and web-browser based interfaces for homeowners and installers alike.

Advanced Cybersecurity

Insight is in compliance with international cybersecurity standards. Encrypted communication and storage of user information ensure user’s site access and information are always protected and the data is stored securely.

Access from Anywhere at Any Time

Insight is available through our local, cloud, and mobile interfaces.

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