SMA-SMA Sunny Boy Storage SBS6.0-US-10 6kW Hybrid Inverter
SMA-SMA Sunny Boy Storage SBS6.0-US-10 6kW Hybrid Inverter
SMA-SMA Sunny Boy Storage SBS6.0-US-10 6kW Hybrid Inverter
SMA-SMA Sunny Boy Storage SBS6.0-US-10 6kW Hybrid Inverter

SMA-SMA Sunny Boy Storage SBS6.0-US-10 6kW Hybrid Inverter

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SMA SunnyBoy Storage SBS6.0-US-10 6kW Hybrid Inverter

SMA 6kW String Inverter - SB6.0-US-10

SMA, Sunny Boy Storage SB-6.0, 1 Ph Battery Inverter, 6000W, 240VAC, 60Hz, integrated DC Discon, 3, 10A DC Inputs, with SPS,10 Yr Warr, Transformerless, Arc-Fault Protection, Built in Ethernet/WLAN, use with Li-Ion battery, SBS6.0-US-10

The Sunny Boy Storage is the newest addition to the SMA product line. The Sunny Boy Storage is specifically designed for energy management services such as; zero export and peak load shaving. The Sunny Storage AC coupled architecture allows for easy integration with existing PV systems as well as new installations of on-grid residential systems up to 30kWp. Equipped with the Secure Power Supply (SPS), up to 2000 W at 120 VAC of convenience power can be supplied through a dedicated protected outlet both day and night as long as battery power is available.

The inverter is available in a variety of sizes with up to three 10 A DC battery inputs allowing for extensive system flexibility. Each battery input has a voltage range of 100 V DC to 500 V DC and can support different battery brands and capacities on the same inverter. The Sunny Boy Storage can be accessed via smart phone or laptop through WLAN connection for speedy configuration to decrease installation time. Communication is simplified with a direct Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to SunnyPortal/SunnyPlaces via Webconnect.

The new SMA Automatic Backup Unit (SBS-ABU-200-US-10) allows the Sunny Boy Storage inverters to be used as a home backup system in event of grid outage or disruption, and is designed to specifically communicate with the SMA Sunny Boy line of inverters. This unit includes an automatic transfer switch that disconnects the PV System and loads from the utility grid, and creates a small battery-backup grid The included Backup Unit Controller coordinates grid disconnection and reconnection to ensure minimal downtime while also allowing for up to 5 kVA of unbalanced loads. When paired with SMA Sunny Boy inverters, the Sunny Boy Storage curtails PV power production to match load in the event the battery is full to maximize use of solar production.

Mechanical Data
Technology: String Inverter
21.10 x 28.50 x 7.80 inches
Weight: 57.00 lbs
Compatible Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
Maximum Efficiency: 97.50%
Operating Temperature Range:
-25 to +60°C
Maximum Operating Altitude Above MSL: 3000 m
Noise Emission (Typical): < 36 dB(A)
Internal Power Consumption at Night: <5 W
Topology: Transformerless
Cooling Concept: Convection
Enclosure Type Rating: NEMA 3R
Electrical Data
AC Nominal Power: 6000 Watts
Backup Overload @25°C for 1 Min.: 7680 Watts
Nominal AC Voltage/Range: 240 V / 211 - 264 V
AC Grid Frequency/Range:
60 Hz / 50 Hz
Rated Power Frequency / Rated Grid Voltage: 60 Hz / 240 V
Adjustable Displacement Power Factor: 0.8 Overexcited - 0.8 Underexcited
Feed-in Phases / Line Connections: 1 / 2
Maximum Output Power: 2000 Watts
Maximum Output Current: 16 Amps
Nominal AC Voltage: 120 Volts
Maximum DC Voltage: 600 Volts
DC Voltage Range / DC Rated Voltage: 100 V - 500 V / 360 V
Min. DC Voltage / Start DC Voltage: 100 V / 100 V
Max. DC Current Power Input / # of Inputs: 10 A / 3
Max. Short-Circuit Current per Input: 40 Amps


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