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Sunearth pump station for closed loop solar DHW systems that do not have a tank with an internal heat exchanger. Complete packaged pump station with Stainless Steel plate type heat exchanger, Grundfos UPS15-58FRC glycol pump, 15-10B5 brass domestic water loop pump, fill & purge valves, Steca 301 control with 3 sensors, pressure gauge, relief valve, & air purger. Expansion tank not included. For systems up to 200 square feet of collectors.

Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly, Maintenance Free

Solar hot water systems are environmentally friendly and can now be installed on your roof to blend with the architecture of your house. More than 1.5 million homes and businesses in the United States have invested in solar heating systems, and surveys indicate that over 94% of these customers consider the systems a good investment.

Convert Electric Water Heater into Solar Thermal Heater

The Solar Station HX converts any existing water heating system into a solar water heating system.


High performance collectors are only half of the equation. The key to an effective solar water heating system lies in pulling the heat out of the collectors and putting it into your tank. The Solar Station HX does this better than any other freeze-protected system on the market. 


Optimized for performance and a low profile look. All valves, controls and cleaning ports fit neatly in one easy-to-maintain package. 

Labor Saving

It's quick and easy to install. Once the collectors are mounted on the roof, it is just a question of running the insulated lines and connecting to the Solar Station HX. It's that simple!

 Technical Specifications 

 Model                                      10005-6                                            10005-6DB
Maximum Collector Area          160 ft2                                                   160 ft2
Maximum Nominal Pipe Size    3/4 in.*                                                    3/4 in.*
Maximum Solar Plumbing Run   75 ft.                                                        75 ft.
Maximum Static Head                 n/a                                                           25 ft.
Input Voltage                              120 VAC                                              120 VAC
Maximum Pump Power               128 W                                                     128 W
Maximum 1/2 in. Potable Run     50 ft.                                                        50 ft

 *40 square foot system uses 1/2 inch collector plumbing.

The SolarStation HX is SunEarth’s preferred residential solar thermal pump station. Multi speed pumps allow flow speed tuning for optimal performance. Strong soldered and gasketed connections extend product life. Completely contained unit can function with most tanks. Factory assembled and hydraulically tested to ensure leak free installation every time.

1. SERVICE VALVES: Ball drain valves eliminate dozens of leak paths, allowing for trouble-free flushing, draining and filling of Solar and potable circuits. Four service drains for easy heat exchanger flushing.

2. PUMPS: Wet-rotor type whereas the pump and motor form an integral unit without shaft seals. Solar and Potable pump utilize composite impellers with cast-iron and stainless steel volutes respectively. Integrated check valves prevent unwanted heat migration and multiple speed settings provide the ability to tune the solar system for optimal operation rates.

3. HEAT EXCHANGER: Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger manufactured from corrosion resistant 316L Stainless Steel. Channel design promotes turbulent flow for superior heat transfer through a range of flow rates. Insulated cover ensures heat remains with the system for maximum efficiency. Built in stainless filters ensure scale is trapped in flush ports and is never introduced into the precision fluid channels of the heat exchanger.

4. INTEGRATED MOUNTING BRACKETS: Trouble-free installation with integrated mounting brackets. Quickly mount on a tank or a wall by installing solar station hanger. Simple enough for a single installer, robust design for longevity, aluminum for anti corrosion.

5. INSULATION: Custom expanded poly propylene cover minimizes system losses for maximum solar thermal efficiency.

6. CONTROLLER: Integrated controller operates the pumps through differential temperature algorithms, the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) offers insight into the system operation and condition. The controller reports temperature readings from 3 locations with a differential controlled output.

7. STANDARD AND SOLAR TANK INSTALLATIONS: The new all inclusive Solarstation HX can be installed on standard tanks such as electric or natural gas as well as solar specific tanks. Perfect for quick and easy retrofits or new designs. F


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