SMA-Rooftop Communication Kit P2 US

SMA-Rooftop Communication Kit P2 US

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SMA- Rooftop Communication Kit P2 US


The SMA Rooftop Communication Kit is a communication set for TS4 module technology
components. The SMA Rooftop Communication Kit enables direct connection of the inverter to the

The SMA Rooftop Communication Kit must only be installed in the following SMA inverters with a
firmware version higher than 2.03.61.R:

  • Sunny Boy 3.0-US
  • Sunny Boy 3.8-US
  • Sunny Boy 5.0-US
  • Sunny Boy 6.0-US
  • Sunny Boy 7.0-US
  • Sunny Boy 7.7-US

Additional Features

  • Includes Gateway & Inverter Communication Module


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