Crown Batteries-AGM 220 Ah 12 VDC 2,640 Wh (2) Battery Bank

Crown Batteries-AGM 220 Ah 12 VDC 2,640 Wh (2) Battery Bank

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 Battery Bank Crown AGM 220 Ah 12 VDC 2,640 Wh (2)

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Crown AGM batteries are the preferred choice for backup power systems, off-grid cabins and homes, remote power systems, or anywhere else where reliable energy storage is required but battery maintenance isnt possible. AMRtechnologies AGM battery banks include batteries, battery hardware and #4/0 AWG battery cables built in-house using the highest quality cable and terminal lugs.

Additional Features

  • Includes (2) 6CRV220 batteries, #2/0 AWG interconnect cable and battery hardware
  • 220 amp hours at 12Vdc


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