Discover Batteries-44-48-3000, AES Lithium Iron Battery, 51.2Vdc, 3.0 Kwh, Xanbus

Discover Batteries-44-48-3000, AES Lithium Iron Battery, 51.2Vdc, 3.0 Kwh, Xanbus

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Discover Batteries-44-48-3000, AES Lithium Iron Battery, 51.2Vdc, 3.0 Kwh, Xanbus

 AES LifePO4 Solar Stationary Battery
Discover Advanced Energy System (AES) LiFePO4 Lithium solar batteries offer bankable performance and the lowest cost of energy storage per kWh. AES LiFePO4 Lithium batteries are manufactured with the highest-grade LiFePO4 cells and feature a proprietary high peak surge and transient voltage hardened BMS that delivers superior peak power, lightning fast charge and discharge rates and LYNK Solar Gateway functionality for plug-and-play closed loop integration with the worlds best known off-grid inverters and chargers turning a good system into a great one.


  • Connects battery string to LYNK Gateway
  • Multi-battery BMS communication

High-Current BMS

  • Field serviceable BMS and fuse protection
  • Plug and Play system wide BMS communication
  • Sets Voltage, broadcasts SoC and temperature


  • Battery diagnostic software for PC
  • Data export kWh, fault logs to PC
  • Update battery BMS firmware


Lynk Solar Gateway

  • Integrated closed-loop communications with the world's best inverter chargers
  • Plug and play charger configuration


Enhanced Runtime

  • Double the high-current runtime of lead-acid battery
  • Up to 100% usable capacity
  • Up to 100% depth of discharge

Extended Service Life

  • 10x the life of lead-acid battery (BCI-06)
  • Unlimited Partial State of Charge cycles
  • 10-year energy throughput warranty

Fast Charging

  • Up to 5x faster than new lead-acid batteries
  • Up to 10x faster than aged lead-acid batteries
  • 2X faster charging than C/2 Rated lithium batteries
  • 1C continuous charge rate, regardless of SoC

Surge Power

  • Power for off-grid inverter surge demands
  • Up to 3C peak power discharge rate
  • 1C continuous discharge rate

High Effiency

  • Up to 50% more energy efficient than a lead-acid battery
  • 99% round-trip efficiency


  • Real-time optimization of the charge rate
  • Faster recharge from 0% to 100% SoC than lead-acid battery

Parallel Power

  • Easy to parallel more capacity
  • Linear scaling of charge, discharge and peak capacity
  • Parallel up to 20 batteries or 160 kWh per LYNK device

Quick Install

  • Fast installation. No special tools
  • Drop-in lead-acid replacement

Reliable and Safe

  • LiFePO4 is thermally safe
  • Maintenance-free
  • Steel case and cover
  • IP 55 rated

Certified Quality

  • Discover manufacturing facilities are fully certified to ISO 9001/14001 and OSHA 18001 standards.

Certification Standards

  • IEC 62619
  • UL 1973
  • CE
  • UN 38.3

Shipping Classification

  • UN 3480, Class 9 (Lithium batteries)



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