Kit Outback Power-2.88 kW Gridtied Battery Backup Solar System w/ Outback Power Center & 9x Heliene 320 Panels

Kit Outback Power-2.88 kW Gridtied Battery Backup Solar System w/ Outback Power Center & 9x Heliene 320 Panels

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2.88 kW Astronergy (optional) Solar Grid-Tied with Battery Backup System

This battery-based PV system combines the benefits of grid-tied solar along with the independence and peace-of-mind found living off-grid. During normal operation, excess energy produced by the 9 Astronergy Solar 320 watt panels is sent into the grid to reduce your energy costs. In the event of a power outage, the battery-based inverter will turn on automatically to power essential appliances including lights, refrigerator, well pump, cell phone chargers, computers and more. This design combines the best of both worlds, reducing your power bill and providing backup power in an emergency.

Enjoy Uninterrupted Power with Solar Plus Energy Storage

The heart of this system utilizes cutting edge technology from OutBack Power. The OutBack inverter system manages energy from your solar array and provides seamless battery backup power. The Radian inverter automatically senses a power outage and energizes your essential appliances in under a second, providing seamless, reliable and clean power.

Pre-Wired and Tested for Safe, Fast Installation

Installing your system has never been easier with a pre-wired and tested power center. The power center includes the inverter, controller, remote control, battery monitor, surge suppressors, and necessary AC and DC disconnects for a safe, code-compliant system ready to hang on your wall. Weve also included OutBack Powers ICS Plus Combiner package, which adds extra safety features including arc fault circuit interuption and rapid system shutdown.
This grid-tied with battery backup package is one of the most sophisticated household renewable energy systems available. Outback Powers advanced technology and the pre-wired power center assure a simplified, code-compliant installation with exceptional features.
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