Kit Primus Windpower AIR  AR40CP-KIT-24 Air 40 Turbine & Wind Control Panel
Kit Primus Windpower AIR  AR40CP-KIT-24 Air 40 Turbine & Wind Control Panel

Kit Primus Windpower AIR AR40CP-KIT-24 Air 40 Turbine & Wind Control Panel

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Kit Primus AR40CP-KIT-24 Air 40 Turbine & Wind Control Panel 

  Primus Windpower

Primus AIR AR40CP-KIT-24 is the premier micro-wind turbine for land-based applications. It operates efficiently across a wide-range of wind speeds and is ideal for pairing with solar to off set seasonal variation, delivering more consistent energy.

Wind turbines operate by capturing the kinetic energy of moving air. Primus AIR 40 wind turbines efficiently capture the power of the wind and converts it to rotational motion to turn an alternator that produces electrical power. The electrical power must be regulated to a voltage to charge the system batteries, and there must be a system to prevent overcharging the batteries and resume charging as the battery voltage drops. A means to protect the Primus AIR 40 wind turbine from extreme wind damage must also be provided.

The Primus AIR 40 wind turbine accomplishes all these goals by incorporating a three-phase brushless permanent magnet alternator and microprocessor controlled electronics to optimize its power production capability. The microprocessor continuously adjusts the loading of the alternator to keep the turbine operating efficiently. The result is the Primus AIR 40 has high power production, high blade efficiency and lower blade noise. The AIR AR40CP-KIT-24 is quieter, more efficient, and precision engineered to deliver more energy at lower wind speeds than any other wind generator in its class. Primus AIR 40 is the next generation of Air turbines with more than 100,000 units sold in 120 countries makes it the world's most popular small wind turbine.

The Air 40 wind turbine advanced microprocessors squeeze every watt of available wind power. With an integrated overcharge protection feature, you can be assured of dependable, low maintenance and long life cycle. Starting with a mold cast aluminum body, the Air 40 wind turbine has a quiet operation that is easy to install. The Air 40 wind turbine is built in America and backed by the worlds leader in small wind generators & is a good match for hybrid systems with solar panels.

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