PRIMUS WINDPOWER-AIR 40 48v 1-AR40-10-48

PRIMUS WINDPOWER-AIR 40 48v 1-AR40-10-48

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Primus AIR 40 Land 48V – 1-AR40-10-48


Best renewable energy choice for applications on land.
Primus Wind Power’s AIR 40 24VDC wind generator is specifically designed for off-grid homes, cabins, water pumping, lighting, telecom and anywhere you need electricity and have wind. The AIR 40 is an ideal wind turbine for hybrid systems using solar power. It is not designed for marine applications (see AIR Breeze 24 for that).

Extensive third party testing and certification
The AIR 40 generates a more consistent output than competing brand and is ideal for pairing with solar to offset seasonal variation.

Five-year warranty
AIR Breeze is built and backed by the worldwide leader in small wind technologies. Be sure to fill out the Primus warranty form so you can take advantage of it.

Additional Features

  • Advanced microprocessor for reliable energy production
  • Integrated overcharge protection
  • Permanent mold cast aluminum body
  • High-quality, field tested components
  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Energy in light winds
  • Plug and play battery connection
  • For use in non-corrosive environments
  • Carbon fiber blades

Features & Attributes

Weight 25.0 lbs
Dimensions 27.0 × 13.0 × 9.0 in


Wind Turbine Volts DC


Wind Turbine Watts


Wind Turbine Start-up Wind Speed (mph)


Wind Turbine Monthly Output (kWh) at 12 mph






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