RPS-Battery Powered Timer Switches for Solar Pumps

RPS-Battery Powered Timer Switches for Solar Pumps

RPS solar water pumps
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RPS-Battery Powered Timer Switches for Solar Pumps

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Have a remote setup where you need to turn your solar pump on and off at a set schedule?  Look no further than the our line of battery powered solar pump timers!  Two versions are available depending on our pump type and exact need!

OPTION 1: Basic Battery Powered Timer Switch

The basic irrigation timer will turn on and off our RPS200, RPS400, RPS600, RPS800, RPS400V, RPS800V, T400 or T500, on a daily basis*.  There is only one turn on time and one turn off time per day, which repeats every 24 hours.  There are no daily variations possible.  Perfect for simple irrigation setups.  System requires four AAA batteries that last around 30 days. 

Need more performance or daily watering variations? Check out our Pro Series of timers below.
OPTION 2: Pro Series Battery Powered Timer Switch
The Pro Series Timer is compatible with the RPS 200, 400, 600, 800, all of our Pro Series Systems.  It is perfect for more complicated watering needs and allows for different daily schedules. 

Great for turning on your pump when starting to water an irrigation zone and turning it back off when that zone has completed watering.  Or for operating alongside another irrigation controller that handles multiple zones. As with all pumps, you should be careful not to dead head your pump and setup your zone water schedules to prevent this (turn on water valves first, before turning on the pump so there is always water flowing when the pump is operating).

System requires two 9V batteries which last as least 6 months.

*Note: The basic system is not compatible with Pro Controllers.

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