SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC-SW4048 4,000W 48V Inverter
SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC-SW4048 4,000W 48V Inverter
SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC-SW4048 4,000W 48V Inverter

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC-SW4048 4,000W 48V Inverter

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SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC-SW4048 4,000W 48V Inverter

Schneider Conext SW4048 NA Inverter/Charger 120/240VAC

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Conext SW4048

This off-grid or battery backup inverter will deliver 3,800 watts of pure sinewave power at 120/240Vac making it great for homes or cabins. Schneiders line of SW inverters have built-in chargers to keep your battery bank charged from a generator or other AC power source. The SW line of inverters are a great value, with an impressive list of features and sell for hundreds less than the competition.
120/240 volt AC power
This off-grid inverter will deliver full power to a 120/240 volt breaker panel without the need for an additional external transformer.
Advanced Grid Features

The Conext SW inverters incorporate advanced features for modern grid-connected systems. The Conext SW inverters are consumption ready with the ability to prioritize solar consumption over grid, while maintaining zero grid export. The Conext SW can work with the grid to avoid peak utility charges and support the grid when utility supply is limited.

Additional Features
  • Easy to install
  • Supports both 50 Hz and 60 Hz output
  • Cost effective
  • Remote monitoring and control via System Control Panel or Combox (sold separately)
  • Two year standard warranty
  • Ideal for residential or remote cabins and battery backup systems

Features & Attributes

Weight 77.0 lbs
Dimensions 22.0 × 17.3 × 12.6 in


Inverter Watts


Inverter Input Voltage DC


Inverter Output Voltage AC


Inverter Type

Off Grid



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