SMA-Sunny Island 6048-US-10 6,000W 48V
SMA-Sunny Island 6048-US-10 6,000W 48V
SMA-Sunny Island 6048-US-10 6,000W 48V
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SMA-Sunny Island 6048-US-10 6,000W 48V

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SMA-SUNNY-Sunny Island SI6048-US-10 6,000 Watt 48 Volts DC 120 Volts AC Inverter

Reduce costs across your entire residential business model

SMA's new generation of Sunny Island inverters combines the most advanced technology used in the Sunny Boys with an outstanding feature set for off-grid PV applications. The new Sunny Island 6048-US has incredible surge capabilities and excellent AC output characteristics. Each unit provides a very clean and stable 120 VAC output. Multiple units can be used together for single-phase, split-phase or three-phase applications. The Sunny Island also features the unique ability to facilitate AC coupling of all power generation sources. This makes for efficient use of available AC power and greatly simplifies system expansion. The Sunny Island 6048-US also helps to optimize the overall life of the batteries through its advanced battery management system. The Sunny Island can also be utilized as a backup system in grid-tied applications. Its seamless transfer allows existing Sunny Boy inverters to be utilized during daytime grid outages. The Sunny Island 6048-US is an extremely robust and sophisticated unit providing both off-grid and backup users with the highest quality available in the industry today.


Sunny Island 6048-US

SMA Sunny Island inverters are based on the same proven inverter technology the brand is known for. The Sunny Island 6048-US is an off-grid inverter boasting an impressive 96% maximum efficiency and is a complete power system capable of handling critical loads as well as intelligently managing your batteries.

  • 96% efficiency
  • Able to control connected diesel generators
  • Expandable to power up to 100 Kw
  • Intelligent charge control to extend battery life
  • Perfect for off-grid or grid backup systems

Up to 12 Sunny Island units can be connected together to create an off-grid system up to 100kW providing continuous reliable power to your home. Combining the SI 6048-US with a generator allows for back-up battery charging.

When a Sunny Island unit is coupled with a Sunny Boy grid-tie inverter the system becomes an AC coupled system, allowing your PV array to power your loads, charge your battery bank, and feed excess power back to the grid.

Additional Features

  • Intelligent battery management
  • Maximum efficiency of 96%
  • Charge level calculation
  • Built in LCD display
  • Connectable in parallel and modularly expandable
  • Extreme overload capability
  • Free Sunny Portal monitoring with global access
  • Comprehensive SMA communications and data collection options
  • SMA power balancer for three-phase grid connection
  • Wall mounting plate with anti-theft lock
  • Isolation monitoring
  • DC reverse polarity protection
  • DC fuse
  • AC short-circuit
  • Overtemperature / battery deep discharge prevention
  • LED indicator for malfunction
  • Ground fault protection

Features & Attributes

Weight 148.0 lbs
Dimensions 10.0 × 19.0 × 25.0 in


Inverter Watts


Inverter Input Voltage DC


Inverter Output Voltage AC



Sunny Island Inverter/Charger - 5750W (6048-US)

The new Sunny Island 6048-US Inverter from SMA improves upon proven off-grid technology and now features 20% more power output. A maximum efficiency of 96% ensures peak production, which means you'll save money sizing a smaller solar PV system and on backup generator fuel. Or if you want to grow your system, up to 12 Sunny Island Inverters can be integrated into power systems up 100kW in size.

Sunny Island 6048-US Inverter/Charger Features

  • Efficient
    • 96% maximum efficiency
    • Intelligent battery management for longer battery lifespan
    • State of charge calculation
  • Simple
    • Easy installation
    • Complete off-grid management
    • Excellent for grid-tied battery backup
  • Flexible
    • For systems from 2kW to 100kW
    • Single, 120/240 VAC split-phase, and three-phase operation, connectable in parallel and modularly expandable
  • Durable
    • Extreme overload capacity
    • OptiCool active temperature management system
    • 5-year warranty


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