Dual-Output CIM-1200H/N

  • Dual Output Ports
  • Specially Designed for Powering ELectric Water Heaters in Off-Grid Mode 1 or AC Loads in Mode 2
  • Pure Sinewave AC Outputs
  • Four DC Input Channels for Solar or Battery Input
  • MPPT for Each Solar Panel
  • Battery Over Discharge Protection
  • High Efficiency and Long Life
  • Made in U.S.A



Each CyboInverter (CIM-1200H/N) can connect to four solar panels or a 48V battery, and generate up to 1250W AC to power heating elements via H port or produce 120V AC to run AC loads via N port.




The H output is for 750W-1500W heating elements of dual- or single-element electric water heaters, hot plates, etc.
The N output can power lights, fans, TV, PC, battery chargers, small appliances, etc. Turn on the related switchable AC outlet to select the loads to run

4 Channel 1.2KW Dual-Output Off-Grid CyboInverter for Microgrids
Part No: CIM-1200H/N   H Output Port: 100V-240V, N Output Port: 120V, 60Hz

H Output Port runs electric water heater/heating elements only.






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