CYBOENERGY INC.-For CI-Mini-1200H for Electric Water Heaters or Heating Elements


Off-Grid CyboInverter Installation Guide

For CI-Mini-1200H for Electric Water Heaters or Heating Elements

Safety Info and Symbols

Read This First

This guide contains important safety instructions to follow during the installation and maintenance of CyboInverters.

The following safety symbols are used throughout this guide to indicate dangerous conditions and important instructions.


  • Indicates a situation where failure to follow the instructions may cause lethal injury or hardware damage.
  • Attention:
  • Indicates that a part or process requires your special attention to meet the requirement.
  • Note:
  • Indicates information that may be useful for you to achieve optimal system performance.

Safety Instructions - 1

  • Never connect the Off-Grid CyboInverter to the AC grid. Doing so will damage the unit and void the warranty.
  • Only qualified personnel should install or replace CyboInverters.
  • Perform electrical installations in accordance with NEC, ANSI/NFPA70, and local electrical codes and practices.
  • The aluminum enclosure of the CyboInverter can reach 85°C (185°F). Do not touch!
  • The CyboInverter must be earth-grounded in accordance with national and local electrical standards.
  • Never connect or disconnect any DC or AC connectors of the inverter without first disconnecting the AC loads.

Safety Instructions - 2

  • Build a separate “Off-Grid AC Circuit” for connecting to a heating element of the electric water heater.
  • Use this CyboInverter for powering electric water heaters or heating elements only.
  • The Off-Grid CyboInverter sends a test voltage up to 90V periodically to the “Off-Grid AC Circuit”.
  • Special protection against lightning strike may be required to meet certain local and national standards.
  • Do not attempt to repair the CyboInverter. It contains no user-serviceable parts.
  • If the solar panel is in the sun, there will be DC voltage output. Be careful.


Can I use the H model for single-element electric water heaters?

Yes. You have to disconnect the grid AC from the heater. Otherwise, the grid AC can damage the CyboInverter.

My heater has 2 elements but only 1 thermostat. What can I do?

How do I set the temp setpoints for the upper and lower thermostat?

Can I use this for tankless electric water heaters?

How about heating cables?

Off-Grid CyboInverter View

Each CyboInverter’s input channel has its own control and MPPT mechanism so that solar power harvest is maximized.

Partial CyboInverter Products

Part No.



CI -Mini-1000A

240V Single -phase, 60Hz

US, Canada, Mexico

Part No.



CI -Mini-1200H

100V -240V, 50Hz/60Hz


CI -Mini-1000N

120V Single -phase, 60Hz

US, Canada, Mexico


110V Single-phase, 50Hz

Jamaica, Lebanon


220V Single-phase, 50Hz

Asia, China, Russia


230V Single-phase, 50Hz

Africa, Europe, India

CI -Mini-1000W

220V Single -phase, 60Hz

Korea, Philippines, Peru

CI -Mini-1000Y

240V Single -phase, 60Hz

US, Canada, Mexico


240V Single-phase, 50Hz

Australia, UK, Kenya, UAE

CI-Mini-1200H Tech Data - 1

DC Input (per Channel)

60 / 72 Cell Panel


Recommended Input Power

220W – 320W

36V, 50AH – 300AH

Operating Input DC Voltage Range

15V – 48V

35V – 45V

Peak Power Performance Range

30V – 48V

36V – 48V

Maximum Input Voltage / Current

48V / 9A

48V / 9A

Maximum Input Power



Minimum Starting Voltage



AC Output


Rated Output Power / Peak Power

960W / 1150W

Maximum Output Current (RMS)


Nominal Output Voltage

100V – 240V (Single-Phase)

Operating Output Voltage Range

10V – 264V (Single-Phase)

Nominal Frequency / Range

50Hz / 60Hz (49.5Hz – 60.5Hz)

Made in U.S.A.

CI-Mini-1200H Tech Data - 2



Peak Efficiency / MPPT Tracking

96%  /  99%

Mechanical Data



Ambient Temperature Range

40°C to +65°C

-40°F to +149°F

Internal Operating Temp Range

40°C to +88°C

-40°F to +190°F

Dimensions without the mounting bracket (L x H x W)

32cm x 24cm x 5.8 cm

12.5” x 9.5” x 2.3”


6.5 kg

14.25 lbs

Cooling / Enclosure

Natural Convection, No fan / Potted

DC Connectors / Wires

MC-4 or compatible / 14 AWG and 1 / 2 feet

AC Wires

12 AWG, 3 feet, No AC connectors

Solar Panel Compatibility

Most 60-cell and 72-Cell PV Solar Panels

Battery Compatibility

36V Lead-Acid Deep-Cycle AGM or Lithium-Ion Pack

CI-Mini-1200H Tech Data - 3

Features and Compliance


DC Source for Input Channel

Solar or Battery Auto-Detection

Battery Over Discharge Protection

Low Voltage Disconnect on Battery Channels

Standard Warranty

3 Years (Extended Warranty Available)

Safety and EMC Compliance

UL1741 and IEEE1547 (E113426), CSA107.1, FCC Part 15 Class A     

Enclosure Environmental Rating

Outdoor – NEMA 6 (IP67)

Ground Fault Detector Interrupter

(GFDI) Built-In

This product is specially designed for powering dual-element or single element electric water heaters, electric heating elements, electric hot plates for cooking, heating cables, etc.

To power lights, fans, TV, PC, phone-chargers, food processors, small appliances, etc., please use regular off-grid CyboInverters.

H Model for Electric Water Heaters


CyboInverter powers the lower heating element. Its thermostat is set higher than the upper element.

  • No need to deal with local utility companies, yet avoid high tier rates and reduce electricity bills.
  • A very simple system and much easier to install than thermal solar water heaters.
  • For 1KW to 2KW, 220V-240V heating elements.

CyboInverter H Model Twin Pack

  • Total of 8 DC Input Channels for 8 Solar Panels with MPPT.
  • For 2KW to 4KW, 220V-240V heating elements.
  • Multiple H model twin packs should be used for larger systems such as swimming pools.

Installation Procedure – 7 Steps





Know your water heater

Understand the wiring change.


Wire AC to the Heater

(a) Inside, or (b) Outside.


Set Thermostat Setpoints

To save electricity.


Mount CyboInverer

Hang on a Wall or Mount on a Rail.


Ground the System

Run a bare grounding wire.


Connect to Solar Panels

Make DC connections.


Commission the System

Inspect and turn on.

Parts Included: an Off-Grid CyboInverter H model or a Twin Pack.

Parts Required: a switchable AC junction box with outlet or an AC switch, an 8 AWG bare grounding wire, screws and nuts, and basic tools. If the CyboInverter is mounted outside, an outdoor AC junction box is required.

Step 1. Know Your Water Heater


  1. As an example, this is a GE dual element side mount electric water heater.
  2. Its Use & Care Manual can be found and downloaded online.

Step 2a. Wire AC to the Heater

If the CyboInverter is mounted inside, connect its 2 output lines to an AC switch or a Switchable AC Outlet. Then, connect to the lower element of the water heater through its electric junction box on the top.

Required Wiring Change

If the CyboInverter is mounted inside, connect its 2 output lines to an AC switch or a Switchable AC Outlet. Then, connect to the lower element of the water heater through its electric junction box on the top.

Step 2a. Wire AC to the Heater


If the CyboInverter is mounted outside, connect its 2 output lines to an outdoor AC J-box. Connect the AC wires to a switchable AC junction box or an AC switch installed inside. Then, connect the output wires to the lower heating element of the electric water heater.

Wiring Change Diagram

Step 3. Set Thermostat Setpoint


Step 4. Mount CyboInverter


  • Hang on a wall in the garage or a utility room.
  • For flat roof or ground mount, hang inverter on a solar rack and allow the DC wires to reach all 4 solar panels in the group. 5/16” - 18 x ½” long stainless steel screws and nuts recommended.


  • For sloped roof, mount inverter on a solar rack. You may use a support leg (CSL-01) to balance the weight.

Step 5. Ground the System



  • Tighten an 8 AWG bare grounding wire to the grounding lug that is attached to the mounting bracket of the CyboInverter. Run the wire through each CyboInverter to the NEC approved AC grounding rod, typically near the service panel.
  • A grounding lug with screw is attached on the CyboInverter.
  • As an option, you may ground the solar panel and inverter together using WEEB or similar products.

Step 6. Connect to Solar Panels


Connecting panels with >50V DC can damage the inverter. Warranty voided.

  • Each CyboInverter has 4 pairs of MC-4 DC connectors. The red labeled wire is “+”. Plug in each pair of the MC-4 connectors to its corresponding solar panel.
  • If a channel has no solar panel, connect its male and female connectors to each other.
  • Solar panels having non MC-4 connectors must be changed to MC-4 with correct wire polarity.


Only qualified personnel should perform this work.
Make sure the wiring to the electric water heater is properly done.


  • Make sure no wires are pinched or damaged and the AC junction boxes are properly closed.


  1. Turn the AC Switch to ON position.
  2. CyboInverter should send test signals to the off-grid circuit to assure that there are appropriate loads and there is no AC power.
  3. If all is OK, CyboInverter will send power to the water heater. Use an AC meter to check the voltage. 10V to 264V is normal.

For Single-Element Water Heaters


  • Use a CyboInverter H model for water heaters, electric cookware, hot plates, slab heaters, heating cables, etc.
  • If needed, use a double-pole doublethrow switch (On-Off-On type) to switch between the grid power and CyboInverter output.
CyboInverter for Solar Cooking

CyboInverter powers a $20 hotplate for clean cooking.

  • About 3 billion people in the world still cook with stoves fueled by firewood or coal.
  • Causes air pollution, reduced forests, deteriorated environment, and global warming.
  • Solar cooking is clean and cost-effective.

For PV Solar Cooking and Heating





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