SOLAR SLOW PUMP


                                MODELS: 1300,1400,2500,2600

Use Solar-Electric Power to provide 200-2,600 Gallons per Day (750-10,000 ltrs.) from shallow water sources. Slowpump can push water as high as 560 vertical feet (170m).

Dankoff SlowpumpSolar Slowpump was the world's first commercially available low power solar pump. It was developed by Windy Dankoff in 1983, in response to those who said "that's impossible." Thousands of Slowpumps have been installed worldwide by ranchers, homeowners, missionaries, health workers, government agencies, etc. Some of our oldest Slowpumps are still in daily service.

Slowpump is not submersible, but can draw water from shallow wells, springs, cisterns, tanks, ponds, rivers, and streams, and push it as high as 560 vertical feet and through miles (kilometers) of pipeline. Slow pumping minimizes the size and cost of the solar array, wire and piping.

Slowpump is less expensive than sub-mersible DC pumps, and made in a much wider range of sizes. Wearing parts typically last 5 to 10 years. Overall life expectancy is 15-20 years.

"The Slowpump #2507-24V is supplying water for a work camp on the outer island of Onotoa. It's supplying water for 60 people. The well is one half mile 800m away from the camp." -- B.C., Ministry of Works and Energy, Kiribati, South Pacific

"I have been very happy with the 1308 Solar Slowpump!...We are using it in a 5 meter deep hand dug well in a valley, and pumping 200 meters distant and 50 meters vertically." ---
Dr. D.L., World Missions, Cameroon, W. Africa

"These pumps work great.... Even during low light levels when the motor is turning slowly, a small amount of water can be pumped.... The manual is easy to read. Windy's troubleshooting section is excellent....Not only have these pumps stood the test of time, but small changes have made them even better." --- B. Schultze -product review in Home Power Magazine #42





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