SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC-MPPT Disconnect Rapid Shutdown

Schneider Electric MPPT Disconnect Rapid Shutdown Unit

Schnieder Electric MPPT Disconnect Rapid Shutdown for NEC Compliance

The MPPT Disconnect RS is an accessory for the Conext MPPT 60 150 and MPPT 80 600 charge controllers. It provides a disconnect for the photovoltaic (PV) circuits, an integrated Rapid Shutdown transmitter, and arc fault detection for enhanced safety.  Super easy to install and commission.

           SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC-MPPT Disconnect Rapid Shutdown

With power line communication (PLC), the MPPT Disconnect RS is only compatible with Tigo TS4-A-F (Fire Safety Shutdown unit), for compliance with NEC 2017 670.12.


  • Integrated Rapid Shutdown transmitter using power line communication (PLC)
  • Only compatible with Tigo TS4-A-F (Fire Safety) module
  • Arc fault detection certified to UL 1699B
  • Compatible with Conext MPPT 80 600 and MPPT 60 150 charge controllers
  • Integrated PV Disconnect - 2 input channels with up to 2 strings per channel
  • Mount on either side of the Conext MPPT80 600 or MPPT60 150 charge controllers
  • Type 1 indoor rated
  • Switch (ordered separately) is Type 4X outdoor rated.  Weight 10 lbs.  15"H x 9"W x 6"D.
  • One RS Initiator Switch can control multiple MPPT Disconnect RS for larger systems
  • Trigger Rapid Shutdown using the MPPT Disconnect RS or the remote RS Initiator Switch.

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