Discover Batteries- LYNK Communications Bridge w/ SOC Gauge

Discover Batteries- LYNK Communications Bridge w/ SOC Gauge

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 DISCOVER LINK Discover LYNK Communications Bridge

LYNK communication gateway unlocks the full potential of a Discover AES LiFePO4 Battery by enabling the internal Battery Management System (BMS) to optimize the charge and discharge configurations of the world's best residential inverter chargers and solar charge controller systems in a closed loop configuration.

LYNK provides closed-loop communications for adaptive interaction between that Discover AES battery and power conversion electronics turning a good system into a great one with up to 25% improvement in 0% to 100% SoC recharge time.

LYNK enables remote display and reporting of battery system-level status through supported third party web portal and cloud monitoring services.

Benefits and Features

  • Full Compatility: Integrates Discover AES LiFePO4 Battery with multiple brands of residential inverter chargers, solar charge controllers and remote monitoring platforms.
  • Mix and Match Systems: Two slots for plug and play Edge Cards allows for two brands of power conversion electronics to integrate with battery in the same power system.
  • Faster Charging: Up to 25% faster charging with dynamic control between battery and power conversion system.
  • Maximize the Battery: Internal cell balancing is optimised eneabling the highest usable capacity.
  • Real Time Precision: State of charge is accurately calculated and communicated in real time to the system.
  • Secure Remote Access: Monitor up to twenty batteries, download data, or update product over secure internet web application.
  • Secure Local Access: Download files or update product with USB stick.



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