Crown Batteries-12CRV230 230Ah 12VDC Maintenance Free AGM Battery

Crown Batteries-12CRV230 230Ah 12VDC Maintenance Free AGM Battery

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Crown Batteries-12CRV230 230Ah 12VDC Maintenance Free AGM Battery

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Crown 12CRV230 230Ah 12VDC Maintenance Free AGM Battery

Manufacturer Part#: 12CRV230

The Crown 12CRV230 Battery is a high-powered, quality battery, designed for deep cycle use in remote and mobile applications. Best suited for marine, RV and backup power systems, as well as commonly used in off-grid homes.

The CROWN1 Series contains the industry’s most advanced technologies including Crowns modern solid-cast C.O.S. and cell construction, featuring heavier and more efficient current-carrying structures with unmatched uniformity and the best available protection from vibration. Each and every unit is capacity tested. Featuring full frame SolidCast grids constructed with more lead and uniform wire thickness across the grid structure to ensure a combination of long life and durability. Containing ultra-high strength glass mat separator utilizes advanced composites to absorb and distribute electrolyte and enables superior recovery from deep discharge cycling.


  • Amp Hours: 230Ah
  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • Terminal: Standard
  • Length: 15.52 inch
  • Width: 7.01 inch
  • Height: 14.53 inch

* Ah is listed at the 20hr Rate (C/20) unless otherwise specified.


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