Electric vehicle charging needs to be smart, affordable and low carbon. Hypervolt employs a smart tech approach: focus on software, seamless user experience, cool design and great customer service.
HYPERVOLT-( Solar) Electric Vehicle Charger-HOME 2.1
HYPERVOLT-( Solar) Electric Vehicle Charger-HOME 2.1
HYPERVOLT-( Solar) Electric Vehicle Charger-HOME 2.1
HYPERVOLT-( Solar) Electric Vehicle Charger-HOME 2.1
HYPERVOLT-( Solar) Electric Vehicle Charger-HOME 2.1

HYPERVOLT-( Solar) Electric Vehicle Charger-HOME 2.1

HYPERVOLT-Electric Vehicle
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HYPERVOLT-( Solar) Electric Vehicle Charger - HOME 2.1

The Hypervolt EV charger was first launched in March 2021 after being designed and manufactured in the UK.  The Hypervolt is one of the most technologically advanced and feature-rich residential electric vehicle chargers currently available on the market. Due to Hypervolt's state-of-the-art penfold protection, this is also one of the easiest and quickest EV chargers to install. This charger is also a great option for those interested in taking advantage of charging their car directly from their solar system. Hypervolt offers a 3 years manufacturer's warranty and has built an industry-leading customer support team.

Additional features offered by Hypervolt include:

The Hypervolt home 2.0 can be installed without an earth rod for faster and cheaper insallation. The charging unit is also wifi enabled so Hypervolt can offer over the air software updates. An additional feature that the Hypervolt boasts is smart charging, charge during the night to take advantage of lower energy tarrifs
Users can control their Hypervolt with their voice through an integration with Amazon's Alexa. The Hypervolt comes as standard with solar input functionality, enabing users to charge their car dirctly from their home Solar panel setup. With inbuild load management the Hypervolt Home 2.o ev charger ensures you wont trip a switch causing a power outage.
  • 5M cable with Type 2 Plug
  • Web-based dashboard to monitor, control and schedule charging
  • Smart Mobile App to pair, monitor and select tariff charging
  • Smart Home Integration (Alexa done, more on the way)
  • Customisable LED settings to check on the status of your charger
  • High standard of aesthetic craftsmanship
  • Free for life OTA software updates
  • In-built DC Leakage Sensor, 6mA DC
The Hypervolt EV Charger Application is available on both Android and Apple devices.
Hypevolt ev charger mobile application overview and capabilities inclied, Scheduled charging, Device lock/unlock, Real-time energy metrics, Extensive charging analytics, View load management events, LED Brightness Control, and Control solar charging

The Hypevolt Integrates with your Smart Home System. Speak to receive charging status updates and control charging status.

 Voice control your Hypervolt with a Amazon Alexa Integration

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Cable Length

  • 5 M.......................... $1,582.80
  • 7.5 M ..................... $1,740.00
  • 10 M....................... $1,918.80


  • Ultra White
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