With the SMA EV Charger, solar system operators refuel their electric vehicle intelligently and sustainably. Thanks to the type 2 charging cables, the SMA EV Charger is compatible with all common electric vehicles. In combination with the Sunny Home Manager 2.0, users prefer to charge their electric vehicle with solar power and especially fast when it matters.
SMA EV Charger 7.4 / 22 : Refuel electric vehicles at home w/ solar power
SMA EV Charger 7.4 / 22 : Refuel electric vehicles at home w/ solar power
SMA EV Charger 7.4 / 22 : Refuel electric vehicles at home w/ solar power
SMA EV Charger 7.4 / 22 : Refuel electric vehicles at home w/ solar power
SMA EV Charger 7.4 / 22 : Refuel electric vehicles at home w/ solar power
SMA EV Charger 7.4 / 22 : Refuel electric vehicles at home w/ solar power
SMA EV Charger 7.4 / 22 : Refuel electric vehicles at home w/ solar power

SMA EV Charger 7.4 / 22 : Refuel electric vehicles at home w/ solar power

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SMA EV CHARGER 7.4 / 22 : Refuel electric vehicles at home with solar power

Charge your electric vehicle at home

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   Refuel electric vehicles at home with solar power

Charging electric vehicles with solar power – intelligent, fast, cost-effective
SMA EV Charger allows PV system operators to charge their electric vehicles intelligently and sustainably. This is because charging electric vehicles with solar power keeps grid purchase costs to a minimum. Increasing solar self-consumption and powering the electric vehicle (EV) through renewable, climate-friendly energy with one device? SMA offers a product innovation that smartly combines photovoltaics and electromobility. As the market for electric vehicles is growing rapidly and, thus, the demand for a charging infrastructure, there are many attractive opportunities for you as a solar professional if you decide to participate in this future-oriented business segment.

The SMA EV Charger is available in two versions (single-phase with 7.4 kW AC power / three-phase with 22 kW AC power) and is suitable for all common electric vehicles. The charging solution convinces with the following technical features: One-stop solution: The EV Charger can be easily integrated into the SMA Energy System which consists of a solar electric system with an SMA inverter. All components are perfectly matched and modularly expandable, e.g. with a battery solution. The Sunny Home Manager 2.0 centrally monitors all energy flows in the household, automatically identifies savings potential and facilitates the efficient use of solar power. With the SMA Energy App, one can always keep an eye on all relevant information of the system from everywhere. In addition, the charging process of the vehicle can be conveniently controlled via smartphone. Blackout protection: When several appliances are operated in parallel, the charging power is dynamically adjusted, i.e. the EV Charger charges at any time with the maximum available power that the house connection and vehicle allow. An extension of the house connection is not necessary.

When charging, SMA EV Charger automatically combines utility grid and solar power and can charge single-phase with 7.4 kW – thus almost twice as fast as conventional wall boxes, which usually only charge with 4.6 or 3.7 kW due to an unbalanced load. Even small solar capacities can be utilized to the maximum early in the morning and evening thanks to the automatic switchover from single- and three-phase charge modes.

Quickly ready to hit the road

With SMA EV Charger, you can choose whether you want to charge your electric vehicle quickly, in a PV-optimized or forecast-based manner. You simply enter your charging target – that is, your planned departure time and the amount of electricity to be charged – in the app, and the Sunny Home Manager schedules charging intelligently and at minimum cost, ensuring that your car will be ready when you need it. And because as a system operator, you want to operate as many loads as possible with your self-generated solar power, SMA EV Charger dynamically adjusts the charging power in line with the current circumstances, protecting your house connection from overload and power outages.

Key technical data:

  • Charge power (mode 3) - 1.3 kW to 22 kW (configurable)
  • Nominal voltage - 400 V
  • Nominal current - Max. 32A three-phase
  • Vehicle connection Plug - Type 2
  • Integrated charging cable - 5m
  • Communication - Ethernet / WLAN, Wi-Fi
  • Degree of protection - IP65
  • Grid configurations - TN/TT
  • Grid operator interface - Digital input
  • Dimensions (W/H/D) - 460 / 357 / 122 mm
  • Weight - 8,0 kg
  • Warranty - 5 years

PV-optimized charging: If you have time to spare, SMA EV Charger enables affordable and CO2-neutral charging with electricity from your own PV system.


 Forecast-based charging: When you enter the charging target in the SMA Energy app, Sunny Home Manager 2.0 intelligently schedules charging, which minimizes your charging costs at the scheduled departure time.


Fast charging: When you are in a hurry, SMA EV Charger enables charging with the maximum available charging power. For this purpose, it uses utility grid and solar power.

Benefits of SMA EV Charger at a glance

  • Maximum use of self-produced solar energy
  • Faster charging of your electric vehicle
  • More cost-effective charging thanks to intelligent charging modes
  • Zero-emissions mobility
  • High level of safety thanks to power outage protection
  • Fast and automatic service with SMA Smart Connected
  • System solution from a single source

*Based on the following assumptions: Renault Zoe consumption (18 kWh/100 km); 6 m²/kWp collector surface; annual yield of 950 kWh/kWp, date: January 2020.

Market outlook for electric vehicles

According to a study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, by 2030, more electric vehicles could be sold than vehicles with combustion engines, a trend encouraged by regulatory pressure and the rapidly falling price of batteries. As electric vehicles, the BCG includes battery-powered and hybrid vehicles.The market now offers more and more affordable all-electric models capable of traveling the kinds of distances most people travel every day. The charging infrastructure is also being expanded across Europe. This means that charging while away from home is more convenient, cost-effective and transparent, making it increasingly possible to take your electric vehicle on vacation.

Coupling with PV system for greater cost-effectiveness

According to the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW), most electric vehicles (80%) are charged at home. This can be done in an especially cost-efficient and sustainable manner using solar power from your own roof. At around 11 cents per kilowatt hour, it costs just a fraction of the usual household electricity price. Anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint is already doing the right thing by purchasing an electric vehicle. According to a recent study of the Technical University of Eindhoven, the carbon footprint of electric vehicles including battery production and power consumption is already today significantly smaller than that of diesel or gasoline cars. The authors assume 75 kilograms of CO₂ equivalent per kilowatt hour of battery capacity and a service life of approximately 250,000 kilometers for the electric vehicle and the battery. Since the share of renewable energies in the fuel mix is also increasing, the CO₂ backpack of the electric vehicles will be smaller. Public charging stations already offer 100% renewable electricity to some extent. And those who refuel with solar power from their own roof are playing a pioneering role at the forefront of environmental change.


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